July Event Schedule

Hello all!

I hope everyone is ready for whats to come! The Meet and Greet was very informative and it was great getting to know all of you who attended! Just a reminder that the meeting hall has a sash distributor still present. Those of you who could not attend are welcome to stop by and grab a sash. It will remain at the meeting hall until the end of the month! Here is the line up for July:

  • Friday 7/14 @ 7pm PDT – Trinsic Jones and the tomb of Ancients
  • Friday 7/21 @ 7pm PDT – Governors Meeting
  • Sunday 7/23 @ 7pm PDT – Royal Guards Meeting
  • Friday 7/28 @ 7pm PDT – TBD (Will Update with event info soon.)
  • Sunday 7/30 @ 7pm PDT – Pet Battle Royale Tournament
  • Monday 7/31 @ Midnight PDT – Fishing Challenge Contest Deadline

I will be updating the event for the 28th soon. If anyone has any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to send me an email: Xanthus@uoem.net.

Till next we meet!

July Pet Battles!

I would like to announce the start of Pet Battles! To start it off, I will choose a specific pet to bring to the battle. You have until the start of the event to get it ready to fight. The winner of the battle gets a plaque with their name of it posted on the wall in the Reward Hall and gets to pick next months battle pet!

Date: July 30th

Time: 7PM PDT

Battle Pet: Chicken Lizard

Location: TBD

July Fishing Challenge

The fish chosen for the month of July will be the Yellowtail Barracuda. Submit your entries over at the mailbox at the EM Hall. The winners will be announced by the end of the month! The entry with the heaviest fish will be crowned the winner. Entries must be submitted no later than the 31st of the month and will have until the 5th of August to submit their choice for next months fish! To give a bit of flexibility, please choose a fish that is of rare quality. No legendary or dungeon fish will be accepted for future contests. The winner may submit their choice via email: Xanthus@uoem.net.

Sonoma – Meet and Greet – 6/30/17 – 7PM PDT

Greetings Sonoma!

There will be a Meet and Greet held on Friday , June 30th at 7pm PDT. We will be holding the Meet and Greet over at the EM Hall. A Gate will be available in Luna by the bank prior to the start of the event. This will be a great time to meet your new EM. If you have any questions, concerns or comments, this will be the time to bring them up! If time allows, we may do some Treasure Hunting. Bring your own Treasure Maps just in case! Lets make this a fun and informative event!

See you soon!


May Event Schedule

Hello friends,

I hope you all had as much fun in April as I did! We did things a bit differently, last month. You were introduced to Siobhan, a member of the Order of the Prima Materia. With her help, the thieves in our lands successfully stole the required texts from Blackthorn’s dungeon. With that, Commander Chimaera was able to be resurrected and pulled from the darkness.

Lord Shadow Walker won the monthly fishing challenge with a 185 stone Autumn Dragonfish! He chose the Yellowtail Barracuda for May. The barracuda can be found in the deep waters of Trammel. Good luck to all the fishermen and women!

In exchange for the continued help of the Royal Britannian Guard, a ranking ceremony was held at the end of the month. Shard bound crimson lanterns were awarded to members that earned rank by attending events over the past four months. 33 guards were awarded a rank. Here is the post on how ranking works. And here is the breakdown of ranks awarded:

  • Elder Knight (currently highest possible rank): 1
  • ArchKnight: 2
  • Knight: 8
  • Squire: 5
  • Garrison: 5
  • Watchman: 4
  • Scout: 3
  • Recruit: 5

10 players that qualified for a rank did not attend the ceremony. If you were unable to attend the ranking ceremony and think you deserve a rank in the RBG, please email me to discuss: emChimaera@gmail.com.

On to May! As an FYI, I will be unavailable from the 3rd through the 14th, so our schedule is a bit heavy towards the end of the month. I may try to squeeze something in early, but no promises yet. Due to my conflict, our governors meeting has been moved from the second Sunday of the month to Sunday 4/28.

Here’s your May event lineup!

  • Wednesday 5/17 @ 7pm PST – The Philosopher’s Stone Part III
  • Wednesday 5/24 @ 7pm PST – The Philosopher’s Stone Part IV
  • Sunday 5/28 @ 7pm PST – Governors Meeting
  • Wednesday 5/31 @ 6pm PST – Town Hall
  • Wednesday 5/31 @ 7pm PST – Pet Battle Royale Tournament (see below)
  • Wednesday 5/31 @ midnight PST – Fishing Challenge Contest Deadline

On 5/31, tamers, bring your strongest critter for a head-to-head fight to the death. The tournament will be bracketed, and the winners will receive a plaque to be displayed in the EM Reward Hall as well as bragging rights for handling the most ferocious pet on Sonoma. Pet bonding is encouraged but not necessary for entry if you don’t mind losing your pet. The tournament will take place in a secluded safe area of Felucca. If all goes well, we will do this, monthly.

As always, email me if you need anything.

Happy hunting!



Lord Shadow Walker Wins the April Fishing Challenge with a 185 Stone Autumn Dragonfish!

Lord Shadow Walker has won the April Fishing Challenge! Shadow’s Autumn Dragonfish, caught on 4/20 and weighing in at 185 stones beat out the other eight entries. Congratulations to our winner. Shadow’s plaque will be displayed in the reward hall shortly!

Lord Shadow Walker, you know the drill. Here is a link to available rare fish choices. Please choose your reward fish for May by the 5th and either email me (emChimaera@gmail.com), contact me in game, or post your response to a generally read forum. Also, I have this month’s fish and your Kingfish safely in my bank. Bug me when you’re on and I’ll give them back to you (that goes for any other contestant that would like your fish back).

Thanks to all that participated!  Honorable mentions:

  • Bellindora – 171 stones
  • SWEAVER GAL – 161 stones
  • Calypso – 131 stones
  • Hydraken – 116 stones
  • A Nice Guy – 110 stones

Britain Counselor’s Guild Hall Design Contest

Hello friends,

Our Counselor’s Guild in Britain has been vacant for too long and we need to make it stand out! So, I’m holding a design competition for the hall. We have our guard HQ in Serpent’s Hold and a Hall of Commons north of Brit moongate, so this really can be anything you want it to be.

The vacant hall is 17×17, and the front can be added to, as well. Please submit designs by  April 30th for consideration via email. All submissions will be voted on, and the winning design will be added by the beginning of June.

Some guidelines:

  • A player may only submit one design
  • Moongates or other special items are subject to approval and may not be allowed but can be requested
  • The teleporter to the EM reward hall must stay where it is and in its current form

The winner will receive recognition in the form of a plaque on the front of the hall.

April EM Event Schedule

Hello friends,

It’s already April and March went by all too quickly!

I had a fun March, though because I planned a two-day back-to-back finale, there were a couple weeks where I didn’t see you guys, at all. Though, we did have a couple impromptu mini-events beforehand. I’ll plan to do those more often in the future. They will not be scheduled or planned, but rather RP (maybe with some minor combat) when I have some free time during the evenings.

We have a great lineup for April: The first two parts of an arc to resurrect Commander Chimaera — including an event where you’ll need to hire your best thief, and the Royal Britannian Guard ranking ceremony at the end of the month. I’ve totaled everyone’s marks for the first three months of the year, and 43 players have qualified for ranking! I’ll post more details regarding the ceremony once we get a bit closer to the date.

Also, a mailbox has been placed at the Hall of Commons. Please donate any decorations you’d like seen placed around Yew. With the help of the citizens and guidance from the town governors, we will be revitalizing our towns throughout the year. If you have specific suggestions on what you’d like seen in any town (e.g., a vineyard, hedge maze, park) email me, and I will try to get those items specifically.

Here’s your April event lineup!

  • Sunday 4/9 @ 7pm PST – Governors Meeting
  • Wednesday 4/12 @ 7pm PST – The Philosopher’s Stone Part I (Stealing Event)
  • Wednesday 4/19 @ 7pm PST – The Philosopher’s Stone Part II
  • Wednesday 4/26 @ 7pm PST – RBG Ranking Ceremony
  • Sunday 4/30 @ midnight PST – Fishing Challenge Contest Deadline
  • TBD: Town Hall & Dungeon Crawl

March Fishing Challenge Winner… Lord Shadow Walker!

Lord Shadow Walker has done it again and taken the trophy for March! Shadow Walker’s Kingfish, caught on the 5th and weighing in at 171 stones won over the stiff competition by SWEAVER GAL. Congratulations to our winner! Lord Shadow Walker’s plaque will be displayed in the reward hall!

As the winner, Lord Shadow Walker gets to choose the fish for April! For the month of April, I’m adding a new rule to try to increase competition: no legendary or dungeon fish, please. These are extremely difficult to catch, and I want to try to increase competition. Here is a link to available rare fish choices. Please choose your reward fish by the 5th of April and either email me (emChimaera@gmail.com), contact me in game, or post your response to a generally read forum.

Thanks to the two of you that turned in fish. SWEAVER GAL, you get an honorable mention for your 139 stone Kingfish caught on the 10th.

March EM Event Schedule

Hello friends,

We had a very busy February! In addition to the last event in the alchemy arc before the finale, we visited a new whiskey distillery to battle some spirits, and we had the honor of hosting EM Ulric for a particularly deadly fight with some mongbats in Moonglow. Many partook in the grand re-opening ceremony of the Sonoma Reward Hall with a quick scavenger hunt, and the fishing challenge concluded with SWEAVER GAL winning for February! Also, a special shout out to Clym for showing up to the town hall, last Tuesday. I may change these to bi-monthly or quarterly if you guys don’t find them valuable. I like to gain feedback from you at town halls, but I can always do this after events, as well.

For March, the fishing challenge fish chosen by SWEAVER is the Kingfish. These can be found in deep water in Trammel and Felucca.

Here is your event schedule for March:

  • Sunday, 3/12 7pm PST: Governors meeting in Blackthorn Castle
  • Tuesday, 3/14 7pm PST: Alchemical Energy Finale Part I
  • Wednesday, 3/15 7pm PST: Alchemical Energy Finale Part II
  • Wednesday, 3/29 6pm PST: Town Hall
  • Wednesday, 3/29 7pm PST: Paragon Dungeon Crawl
  • Friday, 3/31 Midnight PST: Fishing Challenge Deadline