12/11 Governors Meeting Moved from 7pm to 8pm PST

Hi friends,

I’m moving the governors meeting from 7pm to 8pm PST on Sunday, 12/11. I know this is late for EC players, but I rather move it up an hour than move the date, as two governors already said they aren’t able to make it on the 11th.

Ping me at emChimaera@gmail.com if governors prefer a different time/date.

December Event Schedule!

Hello friends,

So the month of November went by quickly. I hope you had some fun. Originally, I was planning to test a few event arcs out, but the screenwriter in me gravitated towards the alchemy arc and away we went! The dungeon crawl was also a success, so that will be added to our monthly lineup. Town holiday decoration is well underway. If you want something specific decorated in a town hosting the month-long Artisan Festival, please shoot me a note. There are a few more towns to decorate today and tomorrow. And speaking of the artisan festival, I’ve spotted an elf in Britain! screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-3-04-21-pm

Now on to December! I have a few events lined up to keep you on your feet. Here’s a preliminary list (all in PST):

  • All month: Fishing Challenge: Giant Koi chosen by Lord Shadow Walker!
  • Wednesday, 12/7 @ 7pm: Alchemical Energy Part II: Radiation
  • Sunday, 12/11 @ 7pm: Governors Meeting
  • Thursday, 12/15 @ 6pm: Town Hall
  • Thursday, 12/15 @ 7pm: Paragon Dungeon Crawl
  • Thursday, 12/22 @ 7pm: Lights and Reindeer

Adjustments to this post don’t appear on external forums once posted, so please refer to this site, the Sonoma town criers, or the events calendar for up-to-date changes.

Happy holidays!

Nov Fishing Challenge Winner: Lord Shadow Walker!

Lord Shadow Walker narrowly won November’s fishing challenge (by one stone!) with a Fire Fish weighing in at a whopping 181 stones! Congratulations to our winner. Your Fire Fish colored plaque will be displayed in the reward hall for all to see!

Lord Shadow Walker also earns the privilege of choosing December’s fish! Please email me, drop a book in the reward hall mailbox, or ping me when I’m in-game by December 5th to let me know your choice for December.  Here is a link to available rare fish choices.

Thanks to all that participated!  Honorable mentions:

  • Totomomo – 180 stones
  • Karn – 167 stones
  • Tomasso D’Napoli – 159 stones
  • Princess – 146 stones

Town Holiday Deco Extended Through 12/02!

Hello friends!

In addition to Sunday’s kick-off to town holiday deco, we will be decorating nightly from Tuesday 11/29 through Friday 12/02.  This gives us more time to dedicate to each town and allow the citizens of specific towns to have input as we move along.  Though we will revisit towns for finishing touches on Friday, here is our tentative order:

  • Sunday 11/26: Deco kick-off in Britain (display of available deco, so citizens can make design requests)
  • Monday 11/27: No deco (EM traveling)
  • Tuesday 11/29:
    • Britain – East Britain Park
    • Jhelom – East of The Pearl of Jhelom
    • Minoc – West of The Matewan
  • Wednesday 11/30:
    • Moonglow – East of the Scholar’s Goods
    • **Alchemy Event @ 7pm PST**
  • Thursday 12/01:
    • New Magincia – The Gazebo
    • Skara Brae – South of the Healer of Skara Brae
    • Trinsic – The Park
  • Friday 12/02:
    • Vesper – East of the Fisherman’s Guild
    • Yew – East of the Yew Healer

Gates to wherever we are decorating will be provided in Luna.  I may set some stuff up early as there is A LOT of deco at our disposal.

This will not impact the alchemy event on Wednesday, 11/30 @ 7pm PST.

Town Holiday Deco! – Nightly 11/29 through 12/02

Citizens of Sonoma are invited to help decorate the towns of Britannia for the holiday season.  This is a non-combat nightly event.  We will go from town to town to decorate specific areas related to the month-long Artisan Festival.

Originally, this was planned for a single evening, but we will be decorating several towns, so I’ve decided to make this a four-day-long event where players can drop in nightly to help with town decoration.

Gates will be provided from Luna each night to the town that we are currently decorating!

EM Event: Turkey Pardon – Friday, Nov 25th @ 7pm PST

Hello friends,

Please join us in Serpent’s Hold for a Thanksgiving-style event.  This is intended to be a community focused event, will be playful, and in addition to fighting some seriously agro turkeys, we will be touring some of the less frequented monuments throughout Britannia.  Afterwords, we can sit down at the long table near the reward hall in Malas for a group meal.

Let’s plan to meet at 7pm PST (10pm EST).  Hope to see you there!