The Corrupted Wald IV: The Sanctum of Fingul

The Corrupted Wald, Part IV: ?The Sanctum of Fingul? (Meet at the Skara Brae Community Center, June 12, 9pm ET)

Event Update:

Khelek the Magi, having been informed by Tapio Greenleaf of the attempted ambush of Mendax the Merciless, has called forth to the lords and ladies of the realms to continue their search for the lost Runic Tomes. Certain now that his arch foe Mendax has planted spies throughout the realms, Khelek and Tapio have agreed, despite the danger, to continue their quest for the Runic Amulet.

Pouring through his catalogs of ancient books, Khelek has found a potential hiding place for one or more of the Runic Tomes. Over two hundred years ago a mage known as Fingul Grimwarder was briefly aligned to the order of the Runic Magi. It seems that he was consulted by the Runic Magi for some unknown purpose and perhaps considered as a potential member to the secretive order. There is mention of him in various other historical tomes, all dating to the same age as the previous account, some of which speak of his possession of ?..tomes of magic and arcane knowledge..?, could these perhaps be in reference to copies or even the original Runic Tomes? The entries also mention that Fingul had a ?hidden lair? located some place near to the now ruined town of ?Old Haven?.

Thus with this information in hand, Khelek has called forth to his friends and allies amid the realms, to meet with him and search for the hidden sanctum of Fingul. Perhaps his ancient lair may contain one or more of the Runic Tomes or clues that may assist in the search for the Runic Amulet itself.

Event Update: June 12

Mysterious Runic Verse found on the ?A Scroll with a Runic Inscription? items. If you can decipher this runic verse, report your findings to Khelek the Magi, or keep the knowledge to yourself the choice is yours.

Event Recap: June 13

Meeting with Tapio Greenleaf at the Community Center in the fine town of Skara Brae, the lords and ladies of the realms where given instructions to travel to the hidden abode of Khelek the Magi for further instruction. Tapio Greenleaf informed all present that he was not able to travel with them for this adventure, for other matters would keep him from assisting in this task.

Tapio Greenleaf then opened a portal to the abode of Khelek the Magi, into which all present traveled to meet with the mysterious magi and hear his words. All stood quiet as Khelek revealed to the gathering that found within his storehouse of ancient historical books he had discovered a likely hiding place for one or more of the missing ?Runic Tomes?. The once powerful Wizard known as ?Fingul Grimwarder? was once known to have dealings with the ?Runic Magi? and also had possession of many tomes and other sources of arcane magic. Therefore, Khelek asked the gathered party to travel and find the entry into this presumed long dead wizards hidden lair and search it for any clues or the Runic Tomes themselves.

It was known by Khelek the Magi that Fingul?s lair once had a secret portal placed someplace near to the ruined town known as ?Old Haven?. To find the hidden portal he imparted to the gathering a magical incantation of ?Revealing?; which when uttered in close proximity to the hidden entrance, would reveal its location and grant entry into the lair of Fingul. Once assured that the gathering of lords and ladies understood fully the magical incantation and their task as hand, Khelek the Magi opened a portal to the suspected location of the hidden portal entrance of Fingul?s lair.

Once arrived at the location in the town of Old Haven, the adventurers spoke the incantation of Khelek?s conjuration and a ?Shimmering Portal? appeared out of the misty ruins nearby. Frantically the gathered party rushed into the portal, fearing it may vanish prior to their entry. Upon arriving on the other side of the portal, they found themselves in a dark and cobweb filled dungeon. Within the area where many doors and darkened corridors, filled with roaming guardians set forth to patrol the grim dungeons passages. Among the reports of the aftermath, the brave party had encountered several strange monsters including; Bronze Golems, Stone Golems, Greater Ghouls, Ghastly Wraiths, and the long dead Ghosts of Apprentices to Fingul all lingering within the haunted halls of his lair.

The party found several ?Strange Portals? within the dark dungeon, some leading to locations outside of the dungeon itself. It seems these where placed long ago by Fingul himself, to trick and dissuade intruders into his domain. Several of the members of the party found themselves trapped in the center of the ruined castle walls of Old Haven for some time, after entering a false portal. Eventually they found their way out of Fingul?s trap and made their way back into the dungeon itself to continue the search. Around nearly every corner the party encountered guardians and wandering monsters, all hostile and fierce in their defense of their master?s lair. The fighting raged from one dark passage to another, each leading to guarded rooms containing the ?Strange Portals?. Where did they lead and what might lie on the other side, each pondered as they fought on. Some using their skills in magery and others stealth snuck past the powerful guardians and attempted to find the sanctum of Fingul itself.

Eventually after many dramatic and hard fought battles with the dungeons dread monsters, the lords and ladies of the realms found their way into a darkened room, musty and dimly lit by a few braziers. As they peered into the room a voice called forth to them on their approach, ?Who dares to enter my lair uninvited!?. Shuttering in response as a robed figure emerged from the darkness, the party beheld Fingul himself. His once fine robes and adornments now withered with time, the life that once thrived in his body drained and transformed into the ghastly form which he had assumed. With a golden crown resting atop his now skeletal brow, Fingul slowly stepped into the light and spoke in anger to the gathered party. Hearing their words and demands for knowledge of the Runic Tomes and the Runic Amulet, he was unimpressed and further agitated. Revealing little to the party, he demanded that they depart from his lair or suffer his wrath for their trespass.

Unsure of his intent the brave party demanded further information, which enraged the lich and provoked him to summon forth his powerful guardians and turn them on the intruders of his lair. As the battle ensued, Fingul himself joined the fight, seeing many of the brave company wounded by his powerful magic and deadly powers. Yet, undaunted the party fought on, slaying one after another of his dreaded minions, until at last only Fingul stood, alone and cornered he tried once more to rid his lair of the intruders. ?Hold your swords and magic!? he yelled, ?You have invaded my lair, slain my minions and for what? I give you nothing of mine, which is rightfully as such, now go, depart my lair and be gone with you all!? ?Nay, vile lich? one member exclaimed, ?We seek for the Runic Tomes and would have you disclose what you know of them or we shall end your dark lingering here and now!? Pausing to survey the forces arrayed against him, Fingul responded with a flick of his hand, ?Nothing shall you have of mine, my knowledge or my possessions! I tell you this only, the Runic Tomes are known to me, in that they are said to contain the incantations to locate the Runic Amulet itself. Yet why give such to fools as you! What I know is not for you, now depart of die in flames and linger here in death!? ?This we know, evil one!? shouted a mage amid the party, ?If it is death you speak of, then let it be your doom that is seen this night!?. With that Fingul uttered a grim spell and smote the mage with a blast of arcane fire, sending him reeling into a far corner of the room. The rest of the party attacked Fingul and the final confrontation was at hand.

Tearing at the nearest to his grim reach, Fingul wounded several and cast powerful bolts of fire and energy at his foes, trying in vain to slay all who dared to encroach into his lair. Standing tall the lords and ladies of the realms saw their combined effort wear down and finally lay low the ancient lich Fingul Grimwarder. His smoldering skeletal remains collapsing in a final burst of magic, as his soul finally departed the realms of light.

Seeing their mighty foe fall before them, the party quickly searched his hidden lair, finding amid his remains, The Robes of a Lich, The Crown of a Lich, The Staff of a Lich and The Cloak of a Lich, all aged relics of Fingul?s former life. Hearing the continued fighting within the dungeons corridors, the party gathered to clear out the remaining monsters found in the dungeons vast network of passages. This continued for some time, until at last the dungeon was cleared.

Once satisfied that the dungeon was fully searched and clear of any vile monsters, the party returned to speak with Khelek the Magi and present any clues or strange relics that were found. Amid the items that were found where twelve ?A Scroll with a Runic Inscription? and six ?A Rune Etched Scimitar?, of these items Khelek was perplexed by the runic verses found on the strange scrolls. He remarked that he was unable to decipher the runic verse and asked the wise among the lords and ladies of the realms to assist him in unraveling its meaning. Khelek then asked them to report back to him should they uncover the runic verses meaning and meet with him again at his next summons to the realms. ?What may be contained within these mysterious runic verses, could lead us to one of the Runic Tomes or perhaps another hidden lair of the lich Fingul? remarked Khelek, ?We must do our best to uncover what this runic verse means, I too shall study on this and shall call on ye when I have a better understanding of this interesting clue.? With that said, Khelek the Magi thanked the gathering for their bravery and assistance in the continuing quest to find the Runic Tomes and discover the location of the Runic Amulet.

*End of Event Recap*