Aoifa the Swordmaiden

Description: Aoifa is often seen in bright golden plate armor and armed with swords.

Born to an impoverished Britannian noble family, Lady Aoifa was the only child and heir to her father?s beleaguered estate. Having no sons to assist him in the defense of his small fiefdom, Aoifa?s father Lord Cormack saw his lands suffer at the hands of raiders and invading bands of monsters. Forbidding his only child and beloved daughter to take up arms, Aoifa secretly sought out a renowned swordsman and took up the practice of swordsmanship. Eventually this study of hers was discovered by her father when while traveling together their party was ambushed by a roving group of bandits and during the fighting, Aoifa dispatched four of the attackers single handedly! Her father was so impressed, he acknowledged her skills and allowed her to assist him in his efforts to defend their fiefdom.

With her keen wits and sharp sword at hand, Aoifa lead her father?s troops to victory after victory, slaying many hideous monsters and bandits alike. Eventually her bravery won her great renown and the name of ?Aoifa the Swordmaiden?. News of her exploits eventually reached the ears of her Royal Majesty Queen Dawn of Britannia, who summoned Aoifa to her court to observe her skill at arms. Her might and bravery was greatly appreciated by Queen Dawn, as too was her tale of the woes of the outlying regions of the realms. Seeing in Aoifa a skilled leader and honorable spirit, Queen Dawn assigned her to the Royal Court as the commander of the ?Wardens of the Realms?, charged as a unit to defend the outlying and remote lands which may be under threat of attack and pillage.