Sonoma News – 2009

Sonoma Summer Fest Success

The end of August gave the citizens of Sonoma the perfect time to celebrate the summer and everything it brought to the game. The citizens pulled together and organized a weekend long event packed with many games and contests for the players. It demonstrated a dedication to the shard and to the game that I doubt any other shard could do. From races to scavenger hunts players spent all day Saturday and all day Sunday enjoying the various games prepared for them. My favorite game had to be Mage Poker. The “house” played by Queen Mum would summon three creatures. It was then up to the players in the game to get the same, identical “hand” to win the round. In other words if Queen Mum summoned a wolf, a bear, and an alligator the players had to summon the same three animals to win. If no one had done it by the time Queen Mum’s animals vanished then the house won the round. It was amazing to watch with all the animals appearing and disappearing as they tried hard to beat the house.

Events ran both days so that if players could not attend one day we hoped they would make the second day. All I can say is that Sonoma is very lucky to have so many individuals that work so hard to bring so much to the players. Summerfest was an amazing weekend of thrills and I can’t wait to see what happens next year.

Dawn Leads the Royal British Guards and Brave Citizens, LUNA FREED

At last the revolutionaries have succeed in freeing Luna from the evil hordes that have continuously assaulted the pristine city in recent days. Word had been passed secretly amongst loyal supporters of the guard and others sensitive to the cause to meet covertly at the Serpent’s Hold Guildhall to organize the battle to save the city. There the rebel forces were met by Dawn and the platinum dragon, Fayaxion. Some at first were concerned that any dragon much less one the size of Fayaxion might not be trustworthy, but she certainly proved her worth today.

Dawn spoke up to tell everyone just what was at stake here and to let them know what they would be in for when they arrived. She opened a gate that took them just outside of Luna on the east in a location of safety so that they could begin the assault. All over Luna signs of preparation were evident. Sometime in the night or early morning hours, citizens of Luna who could not fight because they were too old, too young or too ill or they were artisans and builders had toiled to created barricades with crates to provide first aid stations to heal the wounded or to resurrect the dead. Each station was supplied with potions and bandagesfor any emergency that might occur. They too wanted to provide what aid they could.

The battle went on for hours with many giving their lives in dauntless effort to defend Luna. Dawn and Fayaxion braved the hordes beside those they pledged to protect. In the darkest hours, people continued to swing their swords or cast their spells or guide their loyal and valorous pets. I personally saw one mage so exhausted that he had a young apprentice holding his arms up for him so he could still continue to cast the advanced spells the apprentice could not. their faces were sooty and bruised. Blood ran from gnashes and cuts,yet he continued. It was an heroic effort on his part.

Many sacrificed their lives today that Luna would be released from the tyranny that has held it captive for days. Once the leader of the Shadow forces was killed, Dawn had everyone gather at the Fairground stage to declare a great victory. She also told them that there would be a reward for them all for saving Luna. She then informed them that they should line up in the large room above the bank in Luna. There she and Fayaxion would present a reward to those who had helped in the battle.People helped each other stagger off the battle field and up the many steps to the great room.

Two lines of battered threadbare heroes lined up to receive encouraging words of thanks.

The days ahead may be perilous but filled with promise and hope. Dawn is back. Perhaps next time we can defeat Casca and send him to where he belongs. Our world needs to be free and to be safe once more.

Drake Foxx is Banished

Drake Foxx was found stumbling around the Luna Fair Grounds after massive searches were carried out by the Royal Guard and concerned citizens. His son Griffin was there and identified the man who seemed to be suffering from amnesia. Drake Foxx was the Lt Commander of the Royal Guard who recently went missing from his post. He had been assigned as a decoy to distract possible attacks on the late Arch Mage Clainin.

Casca was one of the many people wanting to find Lt Commander Foxx. Though it was assumed Casca wanted the Lt Commander for military reasons,it became evident that he had an issue with Foxx’s disapearance. He claimed the AWOL man had committing treason, a crime punishable by death. Casca had a guillotine set up at the fair ground but claimed to be merciful. He instead banished Foxx with magic to a different realm. Griffin Foxx seemed to go into shock as he watched his father disapeared infront of him. After, Casca expressed his displeasure in the abilities of the Royal Guard and to the horror of the people disbanded them.

Later that evening a myserious man came and encouraged the guard to avenge their lost Commander. He avowed that he would call in favours to take care of things and hoped the Royal Guard would do the same. The question reamins. Will the Guard become ronin warriors and mutiny against our King? or Will our noble Royal Guard remain faithful to the crown.

This reporter hopes justice will be done.

Its Coming, the Sonoma Amazing Race Leaves the Starting Gate

Its coming, the Sonoma Amazing Races Leaves the Starting Gate on May 30th at 2pm PST and 5pm PST. This incredible event will include everything from tasks, running, challenges, personal competition, all with twists galore. Be sure to mark that date on your calendar early so you won’t miss out. Sign ups will be coming to an area near you soon.

Deal Or No Deal UO Style, Napa Shard Citizen wins Big on Sonoma

Excitement filled the air as the Sonoma community entered the WRR game theater. Each person carefully wrote their name in a book hoping to be chosen as a competitor. People came from shards away to partake in this thrilling event. As the show time neared seat after seat became filed.

The audience cheered and applauded when Howie SandManDel danced onto the stage. He grinned and addresses the congregation. “Who wants to win 30 Million Today.”

The Audience went wild. Yes you read that right 30 Million was the possible grand prize .

The lovely Van Mana Rose came out to assist. She was wearing a lovely outfit that brought out the colour in her eyes and cheeks. Her boots were a bit unfashionable but many Sonoma denizens offered to make her custom fitting sandals or shoes.

Soon the DJ xBlade started to call names. Everyone hoped to hear theirs called. Jayloth.Kasey,Moonbeam,Mad Mike,and Hillary of Napa were chosen to compete. Hillary won the contestant to pick. She had many offered from Norman the banker; some high, then they dropped but she held on to the very end. Her Game spirit paid off big time winning the first 30 Million GP jackpot.

Congratulations to Hillary of Napa and the peanut gallery .

Door prizes were won by Jadana/Sonoma, Our newest citizen Tripodz, and Nyne won.

Easter Bunny Spotted in Sosaria

The Easter Bunny has been spotted hopping over all the lands of Sosaria. He made an appearance several times during the weekend apparently searching for a large pink and blue chicken. Could this solve the mystery of why he passes our such brilliantly colored eggs on Easter or more precisely how he gets them that way?

The Easter Bunny also put in an appearance at Saturday’s Spring Festival rather appalled at the violence and concerned that they would not all recover from the battle in time to help pass out the eggs. Still he did keep a friendly manner until he left to continue looking for that chicken I would presume.

Sunday he was again seen all over the lands from Felucca to Tokono and even the dungeons. This time he had come to drop eggs and was quite polite about it even handing eggs personally to players that spoke to him. In an interview he told this reporter that while he appreciated what everyone was doing that rabbits do not eat meat and that he would have preferred more cabbage and carrots over the cooked meats. He said he had some friends who would enjoy the meats though so they won’t go unappreciated. He wants everyone to know that rabbits prefer vegetables.

Drake Foxx Vanishes

Where is Drake?

Daniel Ravens walked toward the Paladin tower in Trinsic. Usually he liked wandering through Felucca. Not today. His rats had warned him of plot, a vile plot to be rid of Clainin. Clainin had been all but dead for years, a comatose shell. It did not matter to Daniel if he lived or died. People come and then they die.

When was the last time he felt that lump in his stomach?

Today the streets had an acrid smoky stench. His eyes watered. Burnt wood, burnt cloth, burnt meat and rotting bodies. Daniel was too late. That upset him too. He was never late. The deed was done. He looked at another charred corpse. Little remained. The skin had turned to liquid and melted off the bones of this one’s face. Black with red streaks; eyes melted closed; lips grotesquely pulled and melded. Yet this guard had left the building. He had lived for some minutes after the incineration. This poor unfortunate could not his friend. He knew Drake was one of the best of all the Royal Guard. He would have stood beside Clainin ?til his death to protect him.

As he approached the tower, more and more bodies littered the street. One with his helm welded to his head. One with a Shadowlord impaled on his spike. And yet another who seemed to be trying in vain to protect a small size human. Likely a child. All were covered with gnats.

He lived in the shadows but the shadow that covered him this moment was not reassuring or welcome. It was ominous, foreboding and taunting.

?Curse you Drake Foxx!? He was not supposed to feel. Feelings left him years ago.

?All people are shells! They live short lives. There is no meaning for their existence.?

Why did that annoying Paladin befriend him!?

Finally he made his way into the tower. It had been scavenged and looted. Would he find Drake? His Armor would have been distinct. Alas, armor had been removed from most of the guards and their weapons lifted from their hands. Most were piles of ash. The remains were unrecognizable. If Drake had been here on duty, Daniel could not tell.

Clainin Memorial

Our community still suffers from the loss of our greatest Archmage, Clainin. The depth of his accomplishments in the name of Sosaria will never be completely known, such was his devotion. Clainin did his works for Lord British and the people not for glory, fame, or gold. A deeply good man, his life was frozen in place ten years ago in the middle of a battle and his actions saved us all.

Sadly, he had barely regained conscienceness when the evil Melissa and her studges, the Shadow Lords attacked and killed him. Lotd Casca,and Brianna Dazen conducted a lovely service for the Archmage Clainin in one of the castle courtyards. This memorial took place on April 2nd and was attended by many. Included were friends and foe alike.

Many of the audience felt that Lord Casca had no right to appear at this memorial having failed in his guarantees to protect Archmage Clainin. One does wonder why healthy guards went down so quickly. Brianna seemed particularly overcome by her grief but that comes as little surprise since she knew the Archmage as she was growing up. It has been rumored that he personally took a hand in her magery skills education.

For now Archmage Clainin rests peacefully under a simple stone with his hat, all that was recovered of him I fear. Florwers have been placed by the citizens of Sonoma and I am sure more will appear over time. We will all sincerely miss his presence in Sosaria.