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Suzanah the Scot wins the Pembroke Story Contest; July 2, 2010

Pembroke has had a long and fascinating life, as such the call was put forth to the community to write a story detailing some aspects of his history. Though there were a few outstanding submissions, Suzanah the Scot?s rendition was voted in as the top submission; she was rewarded by having a tome with her name on it placed at the community center next to Pembroke?s cage and her story of him placed within the Awards Hall.


Wardens of the Realms: Update, June 28 2010

The Wardens of the Realms information has been updated, with some new and exciting additions for the player community to strive towards. Read all about it here.

Significant Updates:

The Proof of Valor Scrolls drop rate increased to 5 (up from 3) per event.

Royal Guards Unit Ranks officially added (This rank includes an additional blessed sash reward).

Knighthood: The Knight of the Realm rank officially added (This rank includes an additional blessed sash reward and having the honor of getting your player character title set to ?Knight of the Realm?).

Looting Protocols: To avoid having players with ?young? status simply roam about looting the corpses of slain monsters (without the fear of being attacked due to their ?young? status) and obtain the ?A Proof of Valor Scrolls?; the monsters which drop the scrolls shall have added to them a script which will only allow those who do ?significant? damage to them to loot the items dropped. Thus even when their corpses decay, players who have not attacked and dealt significant damage to them shall not be allowed to loot their drop items.


The Battle of the ?Dead Woods?, June 26 2010

The Wardens of the Realms and Royal Guards fight a pitched battle verses Kigzu the Demon Lord! Read all about it at this link “The Battle of the Dead Woods”.


In the Shadow of Virtue: Rise of the Bane Chosen, 22 June 2010

A new event has began within the realms read more about this new event at


Shard News: EM Eira departing Sonoma. June 1, 2010

As of June 1, 2010, EM Eira will no longer be working as an EM for the Sonoma shard. We all wish her the very best in her future endeavors. A newly assigned EM will be introduced to the community sometime this month.


Update: Spring Fest ?Comedy Fest? Event (May 16, 2010)

A day of fun, jokes and joyous community spirit was to be had at the Comedy Fest event; many took part in story and ?joke? telling, as the laughs echoed through the ?Gypsy Theater?. Among the crowd this day was one known as ?Pumuckl the Kobold?, a seemingly fun loving prankster who really, really loves cookies; though his jokes where less then ?funny?, his antics where entertaining to observe.

Thanks to ye all who attended, we hope you had a nice laugh today!


Update: Spring Fest Archery Event (May 15, 2010)

A fun filled day of archery was to be had as a few of Sonoma?s finest archers turned out to test their skills at target practice. The event saw many a fine shot and a few ?errant arrows? stuck into the outer walls of the Luna City Walls too! But in the end, it was a fine day and a fun gathering for all who attended.

First Place: Pop Lancermane and ESHAM

Second Place: Rain and Elf Sandy

Third Place: Krack

Congrats to ye all who placed!


Update: Treasure Map Event (May 14, 2010)

Being informed by Queen Dawn of some missing treasure, Sgt. at Arms Amonos lead many brave adventurers in search of the thief and the lost items. After many a day?s hard travel, they scoured the remote islands near to Buccaneers Den and other remote tropical regions. During their searching the hearty members of the party encountered many dangerous monsters, seemingly sent forth to guard these remote locations, but why and by who they pondered. It was reported that a dark robed stranger wandered near to the edge of their camp during one evening; on approach he was identified as Algenon the Alchemist. With a hideous laughter he leapt off a nearby cliff into the sea shouting ?You will never find it!?; the stunned onlookers observed him as he ran across the sea, suspended on a magical puff of smoke, until he was out of sight! Fearing that this endeavor was ?A ruse to lure us to our demises..? Sgt At Arms Amonos advised the party that he would confer with the queen and report back to her their findings in this matter and that upon her advice he would consider the matter further. With that the weary members of the search party disbanded and went on their separate ways, returning home.


Spring Fest Event Update: ?The Boat Race? (May 13, 2010)

Braving the rough seas and several leagues of Water Elemental infested waters, the brave folk of Sonoma put on a fine showing at the Spring Fest ?Boat Race? event. The ever fun Lubku seems to have lost her favorite hats on the island near to the town of Buccaneers Den! She offered a reward of inscribing the names of the first to find her hats within the grand Rewards Hall. Thus the race was on!

  1. First Place went to Addax
  2. Second Place to the pair of shipmates Ansatsu and Wolfe
  3. Third Place to a fine crew; Engles, Wild Flower, Treasure and Jocelyn

Contracts to ye all me harties!


Meet and Greet Event (May 6, 2010)

EM Amairgen makes his first official debut on Sonoma. Those who turned out to meet up with and get to know him got some special edition black ?EM Sashes?. It was a fun night and all who attended are thanked for their questions, comments and warm greetings to EM Amairgen.