The EM Program

What is an Event Moderator?

Event Moderators are employees of Electronic Arts who are responsible for designing and running in-game events for players on the many shards of UO. They also support “Live Events” that relate to the official game fiction produced by the game designers.

Each EM is usually assigned to a specific shard with a partner and together they work to make the game more fun for the players who they serve.

The EM Program also provides a number of services for the communities on each shard such as player town registration, in-game weddings, and player memorials.

How do I become an EM?

Event Moderators are recruited from the players of UO.

The application information used to recruit the second round of EMs in October 2009 is still visible and mostly accurate. You can view it here :

It is recommended that new applicants first contact Mesanna at and request an updated version of the application process. 

Creativity, experience running events as a player, and experience playing the game are all valuable assets for an EM.