Player Memorials

With Publish 66, there are two ways to set up a player memorial:

  1. Players can engrave 6 styles of headstones found at the prime evil liche encounter. These headstones can be engraved with the Statuette Engraving tool and locked down in your houses for a private memorial.
  2. Players can ask their EM to place a more public type memorial for their guild or shard to remember their friends that have passed away.

EM Player Memorials

Please send your player memorial requests to  Please include:

  1. Name of player the memorial is for
  2. Location you would like the memorial to be placed at (Subject to approval)
  3. Memorial may have 5 lines of text (Subject to approval)
  4. Decoration surrounding the memorial, such as flowers/plants provided by player (Subject to approval)
  5. Requested Date (Subject to approval)