The Corrupted Wald, Part III: A Mysterious Messenger?

The Corrupted Wald, Part III: A Mysterious Messenger (*Felucca Aspect)
Scheduled: May 28, 2010 9:30pm ET. Meet at the West Council Hall (Brit. Tram.)

With the destruction of the ?Corrupted Bones? and the ?Hexed Talisman? placed within Tapio Greenleaf?s forest domain, the grim designs of Mendax the Merciless where disrupted within that region. With the curse over the ?Corrupted Wald? now lifted, Tapio Greenleaf secretly traveled to meet the wise mage, Khelek the Magi, at his hidden abode located within a strange and magical sanctum.

Pondering over the clues and omens recorded by their friends and allies, Tapio and Khelek both speculated about what might lay ahead in the quest to find the relic known as the Runic Amulet. Fearful of a reprisal by the dark magus, Mendax, both agreed that they must do their best to safe guard themselves, their allies and the Runic Tomes from their arch rivals grasp.

Trusting few, Khelek related to Tapio that he did in fact have a few secret allies, whom have been working to uncover clues and information about the missing Runic Tomes and the plans of Mendax himself. Though Khelek would say little of this in specifics, he informed Tapio that one of his allies had found a cryptic message amid some ancient tomes found within the library of Britannia. The passage, once decoded, revealed a potential hiding place for one of the lost Runic Tomes.

Thrilled to assist his friend, Tapio asked to lead an expedition to secure the Runic Tome and bring it back to Khelek for further study. Agreeing to this, Khelek warned his brave friend that this endeavor would not be without great risk, as the mysterious message indicated that the location of the tome was to be found within a dark dungeon in the realms of Felucca. Fearful of this news, Tapio stood by his former offer and agreed to go forth and aid his friend in the search for the relic, regardless of the risks.

Thus, Khelek arranged to have word sent to their shared allies within the realms, to summon them forth to undertake this task and search for the missing Runic Tome.

Event Recap

Heeding the call of Khelek the Magi and his ally Tapio Greenleaf, the brave lords and ladies of the realms gathered again at the Council Hall at the West side of the fair city of Britain. Met there by Tapio Greenleaf himself, the company found that a mysterious message had been uncovered within a recently? found chronicle, which gave a location of which were one of the missing Runic Tomes might be found. The runic verse indicated that the tome lay within the realm of Felucca, deep within a dark and hidden cavernous dungeon. Thus, with bravery and skill the company set forth to search the area and discover what might lay within its hidden recesses.

Under the instruction of Khelek the Magi, Tapio Greenleaf lead the company into a dark dungeon searching for a magical ?Dark Brazier?; which was in fact some sort of ?door? into the realm of Felucca and the indicated location of their search. Once within the dungeon, the company spread out to find this Dark Brazier and report its location to Tapio Greenleaf. As they searched throughout the darkened passageways, many of them encountered a savage band of ?Cave Trolls?! Huge, hairy and extremely aggressive; these foul creatures attacked the party from their dark hiding places! Eventually, with skill and might the company was able to fight them off, slaying several as they did so. It was remarked by a few within the company that the fangs of these Cave Trolls would make fine daggers, so six of the ?Cave Troll Fangs? where taken as trophies from the encounter.

After a diligent search through the dark dungeon, the company found the location of the Dark Brazier and informed Tapio Greenleaf. On closer examination, Tapio found that this was the spot at which he might open a portal into the realm of Felucca, with the use of an incantation taught to him by Khelek the Magi. He warned the party to travel with caution, for there might be spies and traitors within their midst! For it was known to he and Khelek, that Mendax the Merciless had been at work trying to sway many to his grim allegiance. With this warning, Tapio opened the portal into the alternate domain and the brave company ventured forth into the unknown darkness.

Finding themselves in yet another dismal abode, the players quickly formed into groups and began to search the haunting passages. Was this the hiding place for one of the lost Runic Tomes, they pondered, or a trap set for them by the dark magi himself? Sounds of clattering footsteps could be heard, as they echoed through the dark and musty corridors. Then, the sounds of battle and the blasts of thunderous spells being casted! Hurriedly the parties rushed towards the calamity, finding one of their parties under attack!

Ambush! One man yelled as he ran past in a fit of panic, as flashes of light burst forth from a large cavern up ahead. Emerging into the open area, all eyes beheld a host of undead attacking the company of brave lords and ladies. Liches and a band of Undead Vikings savagely attacked the adventurers from all sides. One by one, the evil creatures fell before the might of the combined company, as they pushed further into the dark cavern. Finding themselves at the far end of the area, the parties paused as an eerie silence hovered within the dank air. ?An altar and look, bones of some sort?, exclaimed one person. As they cautiously gathered to peer at this strange finding, a blast of fire burst into the air, as a great plume of flame shot towards the ceiling of the cavern! A tall skeletal figure, horned with dark blacked bones and demonic wings strode forth from within the fiery plume. ?Behold I am Mendax and you are all fools to follow Tapio and Khelek! The Runic Amulet and tomes are mine to possess! If you cherish your lives you will serve me and assist in my search for the relic!? boomed Mendax. ?Never! We shall never betray our cause, you will be defeated and driven from the realms evil one!? shouted a brave soul amid the company of lords and ladies. Mendax pointed a clawed finger towards the gathered folk and yelled in a deep voice, ?Then you shall perish! Attack them my allies, slay them all!?.


At that command, several traitors amid the company began to attack their fellow party members, intent to slay them if they could. Mendax began chanting a dark incantation as the battle raged and confusion reigned. As he did so, a dark portal opened and several red robed figures emerged from it, each of which began casting grim spells at the besieged company, regardless of loyalties. The fight flowed as if a river, into one dark hall and down another, until the traitors where driven back and the ?Disciples of Mendax? slain. Yet the battle was not over, as Mendax himself leapt down from his perch atop the altar of bones and with a single command, summoned an entire host of dark minions to his aid. He rushed at the company, aided by several more of his dread Disciples and two ?Dark Magi? which resembled himself in form and powers! Many amid the company where wounded as the fighting raged; several times, just as the company thought they had Mendax cornered within a corridor, he would vanish and reappear with new allies behind them! Eventually, one by one his foul minions fell before the combined onslaught of the brave company of lords and ladies. Until at last, the dark lord himself only remained. Seemingly trapped in front of his grim altar, Mendax?s eyes burnt with hatred at the ever closing company. ?You think you can slay me, NO!? he roared in defiance, ?you may have defeated these pathetic minions of mine this night but you will not see me fall before your frail powers!?. Holding his skeletal hand high in the air he shouted, ?I will find the missing Runic Tomes before you do and bend the realms to my will!?. With that said a plume of fire erupted around Mendax, engulfing his body as he vanished into the flames.

A Demonic Lich (a.k.a A Dark Magi)

A Disciple of Mendax

?This was a trap!? a brave warrior said to Tapio Greenleaf, on the companies return to their arranged meeting place. Saddened by this news but grateful to see his friends and allies return safely from their dangerous search, Tapio asked them what they had found. Several mentioned that amid the aftermath of the battle, six strange ?Hexed Runic Bracelets? where found on the remains of some of the Disciples of Mendax and Dark Magi. What they are used for, none seemed to know, yet they radiated a dark magical aura when placed upon a person?s finger. ?Best we inform Khelek the Magi of this indeed?, said Tapio Greenleaf, ?and too that this was indeed a trap set for us all by Mendax!?. ?I thank ye all for this effort, a mighty and brave company ye all are indeed!? he cheerfully exclaimed to the company, ?I shall report this all to Khelek and he will know what to do I am sure. Watch for our summons again, once we have decided on our next endeavor within this quest for the Runic Amulet. Thank ye all and have a safe journey home.?. With that the tall Treefellow whispered an incantation and vanished.