The Corrupted Wald, Part II

The Corrupted Wald, Part II
Scheduled: May 7, 2010 9:30pm ET. Meet at the Brit.?Council Hall

Having studied the mysterious ?Runic Tome?, which was found after the battle with the ?Corrupted Trees? and ?Undead Vikings? near to the town of Yew; Tapio Greenleaf has found himself at a loss to decipher the ancient runic symbols found within the tattered pages of the tome. He has therefore sent word, by calling on the birds of the forest to seek out and deliver a message to his friends and allies amid the realms. Inscribing each summons upon a small parchment, with the spindly point of his smallest twig-like finger as best he could. Tapio Greenleaf then gave one messaged to each enthusiastic chirping bird, which then swiftly departed the wooded glen, carrying the small parchments within their tiny beaks.

Tapio?s message, scribed in a bit of a cumbersome hand reads;

?Greetings to ye my friends and allies, I trust you are found well and safe amid your homes and dwellings. I bring to ye my regrets, as I am unable to decipher the runic verse found within this mysterious tome, it is baffling to me. Thus, it is my intention to impart the Runic Tome to a trusted companion of mine and have it brought to a wise friend, who may be of assistance to us in uncovering its meaning. Thus I would request of ye that you and your brave allies meet with me again, within the Corrupted Woods near to our last parting, so that you might escort my friend and the Runic Tome on this journey.

I have kept watch over the forest here, near to our recent battle with the ?Corrupted Trees? and vile ?Undead Vikings?, noting little disturbance sine our victory over these defilers of the forest. Yet, there remains a slow and strange sickness that is afflicting the trees, near to the malevolent relics we found at the battlefield. It seems that these ?Corrupted Bones? are indeed causing further harm to the creatures that dwell near here. Though I have attempted, I cannot destroy or remove the bones or the ?Hexed Talisman?, both of which seem to be infused with a strange and powerful magic. Perhaps my wise friend, who may be able to decipher the Runic Tome, can also find a way to rid us of these cursed artifacts and their malevolent influences.

I shall impart more to ye upon your arrival. May the spirits of the forest protect thee.

Tapio Greenleaf?

Event Recap

Issuing forth to heed the summons of Tapio Greenleaf, the lords and ladies of the realms gathered at the grove near to the town of Yew, now known as the ?Corrupted Wald?. Lead onward from their rallying point, within the Council Hall at the West side of the city of Britain by the Druid Lanadril, the brave company found Tapio Greenleaf and listened to his instructions.

Finding it impossible to decipher the ?Runic Tome? he was in possession of, he instructed the gathered group to seek the assistance of an old friend of his, Khelek the Magi. Intrusting the tome to Lanadril, he asked them to seek the wise council of this mysterious Magi.

With the utterance of some mystical incantations, near to an ancient ruin, a shimmering portal opened up before the assembled gathering. Lanadril entered first, beckoning the rest onward into the unknown. As their eyes adjusted to the darkened torch lit room, it seemed as if the very stars circled over head as at the far end of the circular room a bright light flashed in the dimness. Appearing from within the eerie light was a tall blue robed elf, wielding a withered staff, spoke with a thundering voice, ?Who dares to enter my abode!??

Lanadril, speaking with a soft voice remarked to the stranger the name of Tapio Greenleaf and his wish to seek the council of one known as Khelek the Magi. The elf responded that it was he that they sought and that he was ?Glad to assist his ole friend Tapio.? Handing over the ?Runic Tome? and asking Khelek the Magi what he may know of the usage of ?Corrupted Bones?, the gathering found themselves listening to a long tale of dire importance.

It was revealed that Khelek the Magi seeks for the ?Runic Tomes?, having now three of them out of the long missing eight known to exist. The Runic Tomes, it seems, will by their magical inscriptions allow he who can decipher them to locate a strange and powerful relic, known as the ?Runic Amulet?. Khelek the Magi further disclosed to the party that he was not the only one seeking the tomes and the amulet. For another, a traitor within his ancient order, known as Mendax the Merciless also seeks to posses the amulet.

It is Mendax the Merciless who Khelek the Magi believes to be behind the recent doings within the Corrupted Wald; using his vile dark magic to infuse the corrupted bones and a hexed talisman to summon forth his evil minions to search for the Runic Amulet and the lost Runic Tomes. Thus, he offered to aid Tapio Greenleaf in his attempts to destroy the corrupted bones and lift the curse on his woodland region. In return he would ask only that the gathered lords and ladies assist him in his quest to find the remaining Runic Tomes, before Mendax the Merciless can.

Giving to Lanadril a gleaming white potion of purification, he instructed that Tapio Greenleaf be informed to pour its contents over the corrupted bones, thus dissolving them and lifting the curse. However there was a risk he warned of, a ?tear in the void between the realms? could be opened, temporarily allowing unknown creatures to enter into our realms. With this word of caution, he bid them luck and asked that Tapio Greenleaf be sent forth to speak with him, should they all prevail.

Upon the return of the brave company, Tapio Greenleaf was informed as to the grim task at hand. Though hesitant, he did as Khelek the Magi instructed, pouring the potions contents over the corrupted bones as all looked on in readiness for that which may emerge from the aftermath of the process.

As the contents of the potion covered the corrupted bones, a strange hissing sound was emitted as a red steam seemed to rise from the bones. As this continued, a loud shuddering noise was heard, as a crack in the earth erupted and a darkened rift opened underneath the corrupted bones! ?Look out my friends, something is emerging from within the rift?, Tapio Greenleaf shouted, as several large creatures seemingly leaped forth out of the smoke filled air. Staring in disbelief as many lumbering ?Cursed Corpses? and large ?Void Demons? sprung out of the void, the on looking lords and ladies where initially taken by surprise!

A desperate battle ensued, as many where wounded in the initial engagement, some even driven back on their heels, taking flight into the nearby woods for cover. Eventually with the aid of powerfully conjured elementals and fearsome tamed companion animals, the valiant company of the realms defeated and slew the rampaging monsters! It seemed that the battle was won, when out of a nearby field, several robed figures emerged. Walking slowly towards the brave company, their hands suddenly motioned to the dense wooded undergrowth; with that several ?Undead Vikings? burst out of their hiding places amid the trees. The robed strangers remarked to the onlookers, in a vile chattering choir, ?Die by the command of our master Mendax!?

Spells leapt forth from the skeletal hands of the dread lich-like Disciples of Mendax the Merciless, as they assailed the weary company of Tapio Greenleaf. The clash of swords rang yet again as the two bands met at full stride, just a few yards from the smoldering remains of the slain Void Demons. Finding themselves no match for the brave and mighty lords and ladies of the realms, the dark minions fell before their onslaught.

In the aftermath of the battle, several of the adventurers found the skulls of the Void Demons to be useful as fine helms. Some accounted for them in the number of eight, that where later displayed as fine trophies of this day?s victory.

Tapio Greenleaf stood slightly wounded from the encounter, remarking that the void was slowly closing and that the magic potion of Khelek?s design was also dissolving the corrupted bones. This seemed to give him and the gathered folk a great sense of accomplishment; for in time the region would be purged of its lingering curse.

Speaking in a soft tone, Tapio Greenleaf spoke to the gathering of his plans to visit and confer with Khelek the Magi, to thank him for his assistance and inquire of further deeds that may be needed to rid the realms of this menace. He then requested that they watch for his summons or that of Khelek the Magi himself and be on the watch for further foul doings of Mendax the Merciless.