Brianna Dazen of Magencia: Historian for all of Sosaria

Brianna began life in Magencia when her father, Sir Sebastian and her mother, the Lady Selissah gave birth to her. Her parents were both scholars with her father being first a noble paladin versed in the ways of chivalry and warfare, and her mother a very famous mage who learned an ancient mystical art of being able to quiet literally sing magic spells into crystals to store them for later use. These were much like scrolls only far more powerful. But enough of that for now.

Her earliest memories were of her father?s wonderful stories full of the history of the lands and adventures.& nbsp; Brianna?s mother on the other hand would read to her sometimes for hours, sometimes while in her bed or sitting indoors but their favorite reading time would always be out on the grass surrounded by sun and wind. Later of course as she learned to read herself Brianna would read for hours on her own. She had an insatiable hunger for books especially anything on the history of the world.

On her tenth birthday her father presented her with her first journal. It was a lovely thing really, covered in magically colored pink leather, the journal was filled with empty pages to write her own tales with in, and a special magical quill that would never run out of ink or splash unseemly drops on the paper. This turned out to be all she needed to launch herself into the project. Soon the entire town of Magencia had this lovely little girl under their feet asking questions but always observing and then writing in her books.

She attended the College of Scribes and learned about inscription, but it soon became apparent that she knew much more than her very teachers and so she decided to wander the world in search of history and knowledge. Now on her 30th journal, Brianna wandered the lands filling her books with tales of the Great Void Battle, of the great Lord British, of the heroes across the land who would defend the cities from attacks.

At the age of 30, Brianna decided it was time to come home and to write and catalog all that she had seen. Returning to the overjoyed arms of her parents Brianna spent several weeks becoming familiar with her home town again. She told stories to everyone she knew and passed on what she knew of the state of the other cities and towns around the world. Brianna also demonstrated some of the skills she had learned along the way. Naturally she had to learn to defend herself in her travels and to survive she had to learn camping skills and some cooking. She would never admit it, but she could do a fine job with a stew or a roast. Brianna had also learned to play several instruments and often told her tales to the accompaniment of music and song. Her mother?s delight had been complete when Brianna demonstrated how she could sing magic into crystals just as her mother could.

Unfortunately her time in Magencia came to an end when the town was invaded and ultimately destroyed in a senseless war. Her father died defending the town her loved so much, giving his life at last to defend Brianna?s mother when she grew too exhausted to continue casting spells. With his final breath Sir Sebastian spoke the magic words that opened a gate briefly and with a push sent Selissah to safety. Brianna had felt the danger to her parents and fought her way to their side, too late to do more than prevent the monsters from defiling his body. With a last whispered word of love, she gathered up his sword and removed her father?s magical am ulets and rings and teleported herself to her mother?s side. They found themselves in the strange merchant city of Luna where they made their home in a small cottage just outside the city itself.

Today Brianna is committed to continuing to keep the history of the world alive for everyone, and to restoring the beautiful city of mages, Magenicia. She has vowed that once again Magencia will rise to become great. She still writes in her journal and tells tales of adventures, only now they seem to be a lot more about the bravery of her father. While she makes her home with her mother, she does continue to wander, and most likely you will see her around the realm keeping history alive.