Zargrus Durnar (?Dark Fire?)



The true origins of this malevolent being, are at best only speculation; some believe that Zargrus Durnar is the offspring of a paring between some sort of demon and a human; others have suggested that he is merely an Arcane Demon of great power and intellect. Still others have surmised that Zargrus Durnar, was himself a ?familiar? of Mondain, kept and taught dark magic by his lord and master. He has been referred to in some ancient tomes as the bringer of ?Dark Fire?, as it seems he has the ability to conjure a magical fire that can consume the souls of any who touch it.

What is known, from the written accounts of past encounters with this denizen of darkness, is that he commands a host of hideous and powerful creatures. One account of him, recorded within the chronicles of the ?Sagas of the Five Magi?, describes a battle in which he was confronted by a sect of sorcerers and mages. Though the chronicle was damaged and some of its pages where missing, the saga indicates that the Five Magi, in an attempt to drive Zargrus Durnar from the dungeon known as ?Wind?, where themselves confronted by a ?dark flame? and that ?..thus the darkling Zargrus, was smote only at long last and driven back from the brink of victory.?

Scholars and wise sages have searched for the missing pages to the Saga of the Five Magi for ages, some finding bits and pieces here and there, strewn amid the treasure hoards of liches and within old libraries. It is surmised, that the full chronicle of this saga will relate the full truth behind this mysterious and evil being, perhaps also granting insight into his present doings. A few ?Holy Mages?, fear that a dark sect of necromancers and other dark sorcerer-priests may be seeking these lost pages of the saga also, determined to find and commune with this lost fiend of the underworld.

It has been speculated that Zargrus himself was imprisoned within a ?Dark Void? by none other than Mendax the Merciless. In his quest to find the ?Runic Amulet?, Mendax the Merciless, confronted Zargrus Durnar and tricked him into being trapped within a void between worlds; so that he might ?extort? the location of the amulet from him in return for release from the Dark Void. For this, Zargrus Durnar has sworn vengeance upon Mendax the Merciless and seeks to find a way to release himself from his imprisoned state. Legends say that Zargrus Durnar can be summoned forth and even communicated with through some openings in the Dark Void found about the realms, by the utterance of an unknown dark incantation.