Algenon the Alchemist

Description: (Actual in game appearance is that of an often robed human)


Recently encountered, this boastful and often smug alchemist, Algenon, seems to possess a knowledge of potions and magic, which allows him to teleport right through walls. His intentions and goals are as yet, unknown; he was briefly captured and escaped during a fierce battle in a dark and foreboding dungeon. It has also been reported that he was encountered within the city of Umbra, acting as an agent of Mendax the Merciless, in search for the Runic Amulet. None can be sure if the mysterious Algenon is in fact working with Mendax, or merely seeking the amulet on his own accord. Those who encounter this sly fellow are advised to use caution in their dealing with him, as he seems to have many secrets and dealings with shadowy allies.