Khelek the Magi (aka The Seer)

Description: (Actual in game appearance is that of an often blue robed elf)


The lone survivor of the ?Runic Mages? sect, Khelek the Magi is a powerful and wise elfin mage who specialized in ?nature magic?, among other arcane arts. It is rumored that he possesses the legendary ?Runic Amulet?, a scared relic of his former mages circle, said to enhance the possessor?s life-force and magical powers. Fearing for his own life and desiring to keep the amulet out of the hands of his arch foe, Mendax the Merciless, Khelek fled into hiding amid the vast sylvan forests of his home lands. Rumors persist that he has, on occasion under an assumed identity, aided the various realms of light in their continuing efforts to defeat evil creatures of great power. Adding to his mysterious legend, some few ?imposters? have cropped up over the years, claiming to be Khelek the Magi and offering to ?sell? the Runic Amulet to nobles and the unwary. On one occasion the subject imposter, was mysteriously slain while departing from the Green Griffin Tavern. It was later revealed that he was in fact, a well known thief and beggar from the outlying region.

Reported encounters with the true Khelek are rare and even then veiled within a myriad of often grandiose claims. Most worthy scholars discount even the most vivid tales of encounters with this mysterious sage, as few can offer proof of their claimed visitations.