Mendax the Merciless


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Mendax the Merciless was once a powerful wizard and member of an ancient and secretive society of mages known as the ?Futhorc Magi?, more commonly referred to as the ?Runic Mages?; a group dedicated to developing means of travel between the planes of existence. It is said that they developed the first ?runes of relocation?, allowing for magical travel through the use of the ?recall incantation? and ?gate spell?. As an elder member of this mysterious mages circle, Mendax was consumed by the pursuit of arcane power and magical knowledge, as a way to extend his own life and as such he fell out of favor with its members.

Plotting to obtain the orders storehouse of tomes and magical artifacts, he secretly undertook the study of the dark art of necromancy and lured into his service evil demons and malevolent spirits from the lower planes. During one of the orders ?experiments?, an attempt to open a magical portal to an unknown plane of existence, he betrayed his fellow mages and caused the misdirection of the portals intended destination. In doing so, he created a doorway from which he could summon forth his vile minions, whom he set upon his stunned colleagues. All of the mages where slain by his betrayal, save one, the elfin scholar Khelek, who escaped into a hastily conjured portal, fleeing forth into the safety of a sylvan glade.

Decades passed, as Mendax strove to obtain a state of true immortality but his efforts where in vain and as time withered his body, he grew desperate to cling on to life in any form. Knowing that Khelek may have escaped with the ancient artifact known as the ?Runic Amulet?, he swore to find it and use its arcane power to enhance his incantations. Yet before he could continue his quest, he was gravely wounded in battle and forced to transform himself into a ghastly undead lich; thus extending his life and allowing him to continue his quest for the Runic Amulet.

He now wanders the realms and planes, slaying any mages, sorcerers or other magi he encounters, always searching for arcane knowledge and the lost Runic Amulet and perhaps the missing chronicles of the Runic Magi.