Widukund (aka ?the Madman of Minoc?)

Description: (Unknown)


Years ago, high in the mountains near to the town of Minoc, three miners vanished, seemingly without a trace. A search was mounted by the local folk, resulting in a ghastly discovery. Cresting over a wooded ridge, the exhausted party of searchers, found the bloody remains of one of the missing miners. His body had been torn apart, as if attacked and partially eaten by some wild beast. This news was relayed to the town officials and spread fear among the local residents; rumors began to circulate that it was the work of an unnatural and evil creature lurking in the hills and forests. Armed patrols of rangers and local militia sought for this mysterious monster for several weeks but found no trace of it or its lair.

Soon afterwards, a local forest warden known as Widukund, burst into a frenzied rage at a local tavern. He savagely attacked the folk within the establishment, reportedly biting and rending them with his clawed hands. Wounding several people, he was eventually doused with whisky, set aflame and driven from the village into the night. On the following morning, the entire community turned out to track the crazed madman and arrest or slay him. The local militia captain, having been a ranger and possessing great tracking skills, was confounded by Widukund?s trail. The tracks seemed to resemble that of a wolf, yet with the appearance of a humans stride.

Following the footprints for two days, deep into the forest, the party eventually lost the madman?s trail in a rocky area of foothills. Never glimpsing their intended prey, the locals returned home, confident that Widukund has been cursed by some unknown woe and that it was likely he who had slain the miners. None can be sure if Widukund ?the Madman of Minoc? is to blame, but there have been other reports of a wandering beast-man, who has attacked villagers and peasants in other regions.