Tapio Greenleaf

Tapio Greenleaf


Clad in moss and growing a fur-like beard, Tapio Greenleaf stands over eleven feet tall, his rough knot marked green skin looks and feels like tree bark; he so closely resembles an oak tree, should he not move any passersby would not recognize his true nature. His hefty arms are great in length and resemble the branches of a tree, stretching down far enough for his fingers to touch the ground. Thick legs support a robust trunk, ending in two massive ?feet?, each with a set of ?roots? that serve as stubby toes. One would need to peer closely to make out the features of his face, as his eyes and large mouth are nearly invisible when closed, appearing to be mere creases in his thick bark-skin.


Hailing from an ancient line of ?Treefellow? forest wardens, Tapio Greenleaf is one of the few of his kind to have dealings with the other races known to inhabit the realms. It has been said that he befriended an aged druid who was wandering about the deep forest wherein he dwelt; the druid who was attempting to free an ensnared hind and was himself caught up within the trap. Tapio Greenleaf, saw the struggling man and chose to reveal himself to him, as a reward for his gesture of kindness to the ensnared hind. After freeing the aged man, Tapio Greenleaf was not able to communicate with him through his words, as neither spoke the others language. Being a patient minded pair, both the druid and Tapio Greenleaf, struck up a conversation as best they could, initially using hand gestures and drawings to communicate their thoughts. In time, both taught the other his language and a strong friendship emerged out of this unique encounter.

Over the long years of the druid?s life, he taught Tapio Greenleaf the various ways of ?mankind? and in return Tapio Greenleaf taught the druid the secrets of the forest spirits and creatures. Tapio Greenleaf was quite familiar with Elves, specifically ?Wood Elves? who dwelt within the sylvan glades he cared for. Though he rarely appeared to them, preferring the company of his own kind and isolation, he was well aware of their ways and secret domains. Tapio Greenleaf, took the teachings he had learned of mankind and imparted them to the Elves of the great forest near Yew. At first these Elves where quite afraid of Tapio Greenleaf, not knowing what his intent was, yet after several years they agreed to reveal themselves to the druid that had befriended him and allowed both of them to enter their sylvan domain as friends and allies.

Tapio Greenleaf, is highly regarded by the Elves and his own kind, for his trusting ways and work to inspire a harmony between the differing inhabitants of the realms. Though he is rarely seen nowadays, some rangers and foresters have reported encounters with a strange ?green tree-man?, who spoke to them as if human and was wise in the ways of the forests.