Visions of Death (3/12)

The Awakening – Act II (3/1/12) – Posted on the UOHerald

Dilfred Dumphry Gets his Brandy! (3/5/12)

By Dilfred Dumphry

Wooohooo!!  I got me some brandy! *gives stern look* The drink, not the wench.  Now that we are on the same page, some of you may remember that I’ve been on a mission to obtain this elusive elixir for my father-in-law.  Well, mission accomplished!  Not only was I able to get a hold of one bottle, but I managed to pick up three!  One for my father-in-law, one for me, and the last one I’m thinking about selling to Daniel for an exorbitant price.  So Daniel, if you’re reading this and are interested, come see me.  Bring gold.  Lots of it.  *winks*

For the rest of you, all I can offer is the story on how I managed to pick up three bottles of brandy – free!  Yes, free.  You see they were stolen from the Horse’s Head Tavern in Jhelom Fel.  The proprietor decided that if he couldn’t get any gold for that brandy, he was going make sure neither would the thieves!  He sent out the following announcement, ‘Brandy from the Horse’s Head has been stolen! Start your search for the missing brandy in Jhelom Fel! Once you’ve found what brandy there is left in Jhelom, find the thieves and show them some fel justice!’  Don’t you just love this guy?

Anyway the offer of free booze was too good to pass up.  Myself and several others combed Jhelom for bottles of brandy.  Once Jhelom was dry (which took only minutes), we had a choice, go home or go find the thieves and get more free booze. 

Free booze!!  Woohooo!  So off to fel we went! Err once someone figured out where we had to go that is.  Then figure out how to get the rest of us there.  It took awhile.  We ended up at an orc fort south of Yew.  And it was well guarded.

First order of business, lure one bad guy out far away from the fort.  Kill it.  And hope the reds don’t find us. 

The plan worked!  One by one the bad guys were taken out. 

But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t any fighting going on, because there was!

The reds found the blues and started picking them off.  The blues would retaliate and chase these solo reds off – most of the time.


There was even some red vs. red pvp going on.  Nice seeing the pros bash each other instead of us.

Then I see a gray name.  Gray?  What the heck?  I was told this person was either a thief, or attacked a blue.

By now everything that could be lured out of the fort had been.  But there were still some thieves holed up within the fort.  The blues worked their way inside.  Inside there was no where to run and only one way out.  Danger! Danger!  But the lure of free booze was too strong!  In we went!

The reds attack.

The blues die.  Oh look, Jacque is now red.  Haha!  Or in rather in my case, ‘OooOooOOOoo’

So that’s how I ended up with three bottles of brandy.  I did hear a story of a daring thief who came back and stole brandy from the packs of the reds and lived!  Not once, but twice! 

Queen Mum got this picture of the common brandy.  I’m told there were four different batches of this brandy, each with a different name.  I was also told there was some very exclusive brandy in a special collectable light blue bottle, only a few of these were found.  Oh, and Daniel?  You, me and my father-in-law will have to make due with the common stuff.  *sigh*

The Awakening – Act II, Part 2 (3/15/12) – posted on the UOHerald

Dilfred Dumphry at Vesper (3/22)

All right!  Which one of you rats gave, (yes gave! as in free!) Daniel a bottle of Horsehead brandy?  I went to sell him my extra bottle, but when we met he just smirked, pulled out a bottle, waved it under my nose and said, ‘see this?  It was free.’ Then put the bottle away.  Cruel cruel cruel. 

Daniel went on to say that he would give me that bottle of brandy – in exchange for information about Jenny.  This time I smirked.  From what I saw of Jenny in Vesper, that fiery young woman is heading down the path toward becoming a major pain in the arsh of every noble she takes a disliking to.  

Before I continue on, for those of you who missed the fun in Vesper last week on the 16th, let me give you a quick recap. 

Jenny (a commoner) married Lord Clarence Roberts (a noble if you couldn’t tell by his name).  The two fled to Vesper to live happily ever after.  Clarence’s father intervened and that was the end of happily ever after.  Clarence was shipped back to New Magincia leaving Jenny in Vesper. 

The nobles in Vesper learned of Jenny being married to a noble and fainted dead away.  When they came to, their wits had left them and they went on a rampage.  They went after Jenny, but couldn’t find her. Why?  Because ‘someone’ had to be hiding her from them.  How dare that someone!  They burned down Jenny’s house, confiscated goods from all over the city and hired the best swords to guard the goods. 

Needless to say, the citizens of Vesper were raging mad – but Jenny had a plan.  Lead one massive raid and take back the goods that were stolen.  Her plan was simple and to the point.  Problem.  There are people in the world like Daniel who wave bottles of heavenly nectar, such as brandy, under the noses of thirsty citizens in exchange for information. 


So on the evening of the raid, the Royal Guard came in to help the nobles and the newly appointed city guard. 


Problem.  No one told thenew CityGuard that the Royal Guard was there to help them!! 


So the City Guard attacked the Royal Guard!!


And the Royal Guard fought back.


While the two groups of guards fought each other, the raiders snuck in and stole all the goods one crate at a time!  Hahahaha!!! 

Jenny came out of hiding and praised the Royal Guard for choosing to help the raiders and thanked them for doing the right thing.  She went on to say that by helping the raiders the Royal Guard prevented many Vesper families from starving.  Ummm… yeah.  *smiles sheepishly*

That brings me back to the here and now – Daniel offering me brandy in exchange for information on Jenny.  *smirks* Jenny 1, nobles 0 *turns and walks away* I can’t wait for round two.

Dilfred Dumphry: News on Minoc and New Magincia

Dilfred Dumphry here!  Still alive and writing! Amazing isn’t it?  Hahaha!  Some of you are probably wondering if I managed to get the brandy to my father-in-law.  Yes I did!  I gave him a bottle and what does he do?  He looked at it, looked at me and said, ‘that’s it?’ *sigh* That man is as much of a scoundrel as am I. 

My wife was anxious to head back to New Magincia, so I headed to the local tavern.  I got glared at for that, which was quite unjust!  I may be a scoundrel, but I’m a cautious one, especially when it comes to the safety of my wife.  The local tavern is the best place for news.  Granted, that news isn’t always accurate, like the time I was told that Trinsic had been leveled by a roving band of rabid Cyclops, but it’s better than nothing.  Most of the time.

My first piece of news was from a miner from Minoc.  The nobles there were taking all the ingots and forcing the blacksmiths to make weapons and armor for them.  Of course the nobles weren’t paying for the ingots or the labor.  Okay that sounded real enough.  *makes not to self – avoid Minoc*

Next piece of information had to do with the raiders.  I was told they now have a leader.  I didn’t like this news.  Having random bands of raiders is bad, but organized bands of raiders?? *shudders*Hopefully I’ll be able to file this piece of news under my ‘roving band of rabid Cyclops’ section. 

I was about to give up hope of getting information about New Magincia when I found a hired swordsman who works for a merchant that just came from there.  He had quite a bit of news. 

The baker’s family (Jenny’s family) had managed to flee to parts unknown. Young Lord Clarence Roberts was blamed.  Nobles noticed that the commoners of New Magincia were better supplied with food and goods than they were.  The nobles were outraged.  Again young Lord Roberts was blamed. Not surprisingly, young Lord Roberts was arrested.  His father disowned him and there are even rumors of a possible execution.

Young Roberts is a good lad.  I was upset about this news.  But the man who told me about the raider leader gave me some hope.  He had been listening in to our conversation and made the comment, ‘raiders take care of their families and friends.’  Rather than be questioned further he opted for a more dramatic exit and left the tavern leaving me with my mouth hanging open. 

Doesn’t look like the wife and I are going to New Magincia any time soon. 

 This is Dilfred  Dumphry, safe travels everyone.

Difred Dumphry at New Magincia and Minoc

I’ve been stuck at the in-laws for awhile now, so when the calling of the guard went out a few days ago my father-in-law promptly volunteered me.  Love that man.  My brother-in-law decided to come along, ‘just for fun’.  I have no idea why considers battling things that want to rip your throat out ‘fun’, but well, that’s my brother-in-law for you.  I’ll happily follow along behind tossing a heal on him every now and then and of course, looting.  He tends to forget to do that.  Fortunately I’m there. 

At the meeting before our deaths, we learn that Lord Clarence Roberts was imprisoned at New Magincia.  Since young Lord Roberts was well loved by the citizens, the nobles there expected trouble from the raiders so asked for the guard to come handle the situation.  Captain Bob agreed so here we all were ready to go help the nobles keep Lord Roberts in prison.  I was not happy.  But I remembered the man I met in the bar a few days earlier saying that the raiders would take care of their families and their friends.  So maybe… 

Captain Bob cast the gate and ‘maybe’ happened.  The raiders had brought in hounds.  Hounds from the abyss!  Or someplace really really really bad!  These hounds were nasty!  Let’s put it this way, we died.  *glares at Captain Bob*  But eventually the battle turns and it’s the hounds who are dying. 

While battling a hound, guess who runs up?  Jenny!!  Clarence’s wife!  She yells, ‘Raiders!  My beloved Clarence is free! Head to the main battle in Minoc!’  Then runs off.  Okaaayyy…  I’m thrilled that young Lord Roberts is free, but if this isn’t the main battle, I really really don’t want to go to Minoc.  *shutters at the thought of more hounds*

Fortunately Captain Bob missed Jenny’s speech so we went off to see if Lord Clarence Roberts was still in his cell.  But on the way, we came across a moongate.  Some idiot said, ‘let’s see where it goes,’ then hopped in which triggered the lemming effect, everyone stopped thinking and hopped into the gate.  Including myself.  *sigh*  Well we all know where this gate went, Minoc.  And we all know what we found on the other side.  That’s right, death robes.  Dang hounds. 

While we are clearing the area of hounds and raiders, Jenny runs up and yells, ‘Raiders! We have the ingots! Leave as you are able!’  They didn’t leave.  And neither did the hounds.  Apparently their idea of ‘fun’ is the same as my brother-in-law’s.  *grumbles*

After we kill off the hounds and most the raiders we found one hound named ‘Spike’.  He was not a happy puppy.  It took all of us to kill it. 

Once Spike was down for good, we were done, thank the virtues!  The in-laws’ place was suddenly looking real good.  But with Clarence Roberts gone, it might be safe for my wife and I to return to New Magincia.  *grins*  That would be nice. 

 This is Dilfred Dumphry wishing everyone safe travels.

 The Leaders of the Brit Riot Meet

“Hot damn, we actually did it!” One of the raider leaders exclaimed in shocked voice.

Another raider leader lamented, “We could have looted so much more, but that deranged gargoyle decided to blow the bridge sooner than planned.  Jenny how did you find that gargoyle?”

“I saw him in Ver Lor Reg spouting off about ‘human scum’ and what not,” said Jenny.  “We already knew about the barrels the gargoyles were going to use to clear the landslides in their lands so I mentioned that those barrels could also be used to clear out a lot of the human scum.  And wouldn’t it be nice if the bridges to their grand castles were blown to rubble as well?  It would make a dramatic point on gargoyle superiority.”

Jenny grinned, “He bought it hook, line and sinker.  He stole the barrels, the raiders transported and placed them in Brit.  While the Guard was focused on the barrels and the gargoyle, I was to take one team to Castle Brit to loot and torch.  Unfortunately for us the castle guards were able to secure the gates before we got there.”

“The second team was led by me,” Clarence continued the story. “We went to loot and torch Castle Blackthorn.  And as you can see we did succeed.’

The Raider leaders present represented the largest bands throughout the lands.  They began sorting and dividing up the items looted.  Clarence picked out some strange items in Jenny’s mind, but he told her later that they were treasures.  She thought about one of the items, a dusty old book, how could that be a treasure?  She gave a mental shrug, she trusted Clarence with all her heart.  If he said they were treasures, they were. 

Once the division of loot was done, Clarence told the Raider leaders of an opportunity, “Some of you may want to sell some of your items before you leave town.  I know the perfect place,”  Clarence grinned.