Guidelines for Event Submissions

Guidelines for Story/Event Submissions

Players whose stories are chosen will get to participate in the recreation of their story in game with the EMs. Participation may result in the temporary changing of the player’s appearance, name or other characteristics as they play a part in the action. Players will not, however, be made invulnerable. Again, any changes will be TEMPORARY for the duration of the event.

All stories submitted must be able to be concluded in a couple of hours maximum. They may not span multiple days at this time.

By submitting a story, you agree to give EM Sangria, EM Eira and Mesanna creative license with your story to adapt it to fit game play restrictions and current event arc requirements.

Any rewards given out at an event based on a player submitted story are at the discretion of the EMs and EA Mythic according to the guidelines currently in place.

Any player whose story is selected to be brought into game will have a plaque placed in the Award Hall stating the date their story was told, their name and the title of their story. In addition, their story in its entirety will be posted on the Sonoma EM Website after the event has taken place.

All stories MUST adhere to the current ESRB game rating of Teen. Any stories that do not, will not be considered.

Stories are limited to one submission per person to be recreated in game.

Please submit your stories by email to   Include with your story:

  • Character Name
  • Your Time Zone
  • Best times/days to contact you in game
  • Valid email address

There is currently no deadline for story submissions. Depending on the number of submissions received, we will either keep the process open or close it until we catch up on stories received.