Wedding Requests

Found the eternal love of your life in Sosaria?

The Event Moderators of Sonoma can help you formalize that love with the perfect wedding ceremony. We will perform the wedding at the location, date and time of your choice. We do ask that you check the calendar to make sure that something else hasn’t been previously scheduled. We can work closely with you in helping you select all elements of your wedding. If you would like, you may write your own vows and supply them to us prior to the wedding or else choose from a variety of vows previously written.

Our job is to help make your wedding day a perfect occasion! Each couple will receive wedding bands engraved with the quote of their choice, which is a perfect way to display your undying love for each other. Each couple also has the option to have their name submitted for publication on the UOHerald.

Please send your wedding requests to  Please include:

  1. Bride’s Name
  2. Groom’s Name
  3. Requested Date
  4. Special Instructions