Player Town Banners

Community Size and Allegiance

The Crown will recognize communities by the following terms based on the number of houses a reasonable visitor would consider part of that community:

Township Designation Number of Player Houses
Settlement 5
Village or Hamlet 6-10
Town 11-20
City 21-30
Kingdom, Empire, or City-State 31-50

Crown recognition is available to all facets. While some facets are outside the jurisdiction of Queen Dawn, she is still able to determine how her court will regard these towns. Queen Dawn also requires a town to state where its allegiance lies: with the Crown, against the Crown, or neutral. This will not affect the banner; it is to give the Crown an idea of how to interact with the town.

Requirements for Recognition

Cohesiveness. Something that shows the owners of each house consider themselves part of the township. Ideally, the town’s name would be noted as part of the text on each house sign. I notice this is already true of most of the towns I’ve visited. If your town has a different way of distinguishing its buildings, please tell us.

Activity. This may take any of several forms, such as: frequent meetings, events, hunts, etc; or a website that keeps the shard informed and promotes interaction; or residents who are frequently in the town and available to interact with visitors. Essentially, tell us what your township brings to the game and how it promotes a vibrant community.

History. Your town must be at least six months old. Ideally, there should be an archive of town records either in game or outside of the game.

Communication. Visitors to your town should have a way to learn about its history and upcoming events. They should also be able to communicate with the inhabitants. This can take place wholly in game, such as with books, barkeeps, a mailbox, and/or a message board, or it can be on a website.

Banner Design

We reserve the right to make changes to your design and its location. Also, the banner must not block house placement. Here is a page with more information on banners, including an exploded view of a banner’s design. Inside UO should be used to find the ID numbers of the components for the proposed banner. It will also help you to construct a picture of the banner.

To Petition for Player Town Banner

Please send your banner petitions to Please include:

  1. Town name
  2. Town location
  3. When it was founded
  4. Allegiance
  5. Number of houses
  6. Suggested coordinates for the banner
  7. Inside UO numbers for the components of the banner
  8. A jpg of the proposed banner
  9. As well as answers to these questions:
    • Cohesiveness: Which houses are part of the town and what marks a house as part of the town?
    • Activity: How does your establishment or town promote a vibrant community?
    • History: Where can one find more information about the history of your town?
    • Communication: How would visitors to your town normally communicate with its inhabitants?