When Queen Zhah Invited all the Elves and Humans to her Realm Lubky felt left out(July 2009)

Lubku felt a tear roll down her check as she took her quill and dipped it in the ink. The new lands sounded enchanting and exotic. She wanted to go with her Hummie friends and discover the wonder of the new landscapes. She wanted to see the new animals. She loved animals. She sniffed.  Sonoma Hummies were mostly all so nice. Cookie crumbs speckled her lovely blue dress. Oh well. They would wipe away. She loved these cookies. She placed the pen on the parchment and wrote.

Me stand for hour in nice castle. Queen Dawn luk boodiful. Me like. She talk lots. GIb nice hope to snowmen. We all wait. Dems came new Queeny. Hers nub Hummie. Nub elbie, Nub Orcie. Me nub see like her a fore. She hab nice skin. It little look red. She hab nice horns luk like crown. Me like. Me want nice dress like hers. Hers nice. She talk funny. Hers need learn talk better hummie.Me tink dems nub underschtand hers ib she nub talk better. Me listen hard, want learn. She talk bout hope and teach gud stuff. Me want learn. Oh me want go so bery much. Bub nub. Hers say Hummie an Elbie go in Nice  shiny ball gate to hers castle. Nub Orcie. Nub halb orcie.

Hummies all excited want go. I underschtand. Me want go too. Me nub can. Me wespect Queen Zhah. Me hope one day Queeny like Lubku too. Til dems me go back to orcies. Gub bye my hummies.

Lubku  always remember Lats. Lats Lubku friend. Mebe wees meet agin.

Naw me go say bbye Darien.

Lubku went back to Nubgood and her Shardies only to discover that she was most unwelcome there. The good people of Sonoma found and saved her. Then they asked Queen Zhah’s representative to allow Lubku to study their culture. Lubku shared many adventures in Ter Mur after making it her home.