Where is Drake Foxx? (Mar-May 2009)

Where is Griffin?

He should be here by now.

*paces back and forth*

*suddenly looks straight at the crowd*
Griffin Foxx has been helping me gather troops to mutiny against Casca.
Sadly word has leaked and Griffin is now a wanted man.
He has been seen as the face of this operation
This was not intended to be.
He is just a boy!

* paces*
I believe Casca has discovered the home of Drake Foxx where his son Griffin resides.
He has avowed to burn it down along with any family or friends that may be there.
As you know, I have pledged to avenge Drake and in taking on this challenge will do all I can to protect his son.
Who among you is brave enough to defy
*spits out the next words*
King Almighty Casca?
Casca’s new Elite Guard now stake out the home watching for the return of Griffin.
*in an overwhelmingly strong voice*
These Guards are taking your rightful place!
Once more I am asking for your help. Do not take this lightly.

* Casca Committed terrible offenses against Griffin and Drake Foxx. Drake was eventually sent through a portal into a dark abyss and Casca had Griffin beheaded.*