Gabriella and Evan (Feb 2009)

The story Of Gabriella and Evan

Gather round friends for I have a tale to tell. A story most tragic. A story of a lost love that was so deep and true it has survived the chasm of time and distance.
It happened during the Feluca Trammel Wars, when the factions in Feluca summarily rounded up and deported fishermen, farmers, peasants and their families, removing them from their homes and well-developed farms. Anyone who was not brave, strong or willing enough to enlist in a proper faction was subjected to this expulsion. They settled in Trammel and Ilshnar. The expulsion separated families and loved ones.

Gabriella was one of the young girls who fled to Trammel. Her story starts before the splitting of the facets. Gabriella had been betrothed to Evan, the local blacksmith’s son. Their families were filled with great joy and the priests had blessed this future union. Sadly, it was not long after that her parents were killed by an invading army of trolls. Orphaned now, Gabriella stayed with the monks in the Lycium hoping to find consolation. Then the great chasm came and families packed up and immigrated to the new lands. Gabriella traveled with the monks to a secret place and Evan made his way to Ilshnar to forge a new future. In the confusion the lovers became lost to each other. She has searched for her Fiancée ever since but to no avail. One of the scribes there was touched by her love and devotion and dedicated part of his time to helping her find her one true love. It is rumoured she first stayed in Skara Brea and later moved to Ilshnar.

I have heard that the Scribe has some information about the whereabouts of Evan but he needs someone to deliver a book to Gabriella.

Sonomen quickly responded and searched all the shards for any hints that would help reunite the couple. Their quest brought them from Luna to Felucca the Trammel and Ilshenar. In the end it was discovered that the couple had been only feet away from each other. Gabriella worked upstairs in the Lyceum while Evan was recouperating in the healing wards beneath.

As a thank you Gabriella gave her necklace to the kind people who re-united them.