Algenon The Shadow Dwellers Alchemist (May 2010)


Algenon walked back and forth, back and forth. His soft shoes had polished the hardwood floor before his desk. It shone like a mirror in the Lords castle. He needed to get away. It was only a matter of time before Daniel or Amonos found him. The lynch mob Daniel brought for him was filled with angry people. Who wouldn’t be? Algenon knew he had done heinous things for the Shadow Dweller. He closed his eyes and sighed with relief. Daniel and Amonos had rid them of The Shadow dweller who had successfully hypnotized him and coerced him to do these things. A thought went through his mind. Would he have done them for those feelings of power anyway? He did not know. Power was a wonderful feeling.

In the corner the new concoction was bubbling. His mad mind raced. To breathe beneath the water had been a childhood dream. His study of the dolphins had been fruitless; a waste of good animals. They did not breathe the water after all. No the little hole that blew water over their head also took in air. He was sad they had died but he kept reminding himself, it was for science, his art.

His aquarium now teemed with small fry. Fish did breathe water. These new subjects would soon teach him the secret. His dream would be a reality and Daniel and Amonos would never find him. He smiled as his little pets swam around.

A noise came from the hall. A quiet sound that only one accustomed to listening would hear. Stealth covered most sounds. A good scout could easily mask his breathing, slow his heart to near motionlessness and walk without a hint of sound. Yet they could not stop the miniscule wave changes that the electrons in their bodies emitted. Stealth was a difficult skill but this was Algenon’s place. He knew every nook and cranny and would hide until the scouts left.

Once the place was empty again, Algenon decided it was time to make his escape. He needed a boat and a good crew. After tidying his home he slowly peered outside for any signs of surveillance. Satisfied he made his way to a local drinking establishment known for their service to “seamen”

The Pirates Plunder had been bustling with activity. Tattered and Threadbare men walked up to a rich looking Captain in the back room. Each one took the quill that was offered and made his mark on a parchment. It appeared to be a recruiting call. Algenon made his way through the crowd and offered the man his hand.

“Hello” he said. “I am seeking passage to a remote place can you take me?”

The man looked at him. “If the price is right”

“It will have to be kept quiet. I do not wish to be followed.”

The man grinned. “then the price will be higher, but you are my kind of Cargo!”

Chapter  Two

Daniel was eager to find Algenon and bring him to justice. He had been told a treasure hunting party had sited the culprit and reported it to the guard. Ever diligent since the Luna guard had been slain by the Shadow Dweller, they sent scouts to get clues. After tracing Algenon’s steps to Buc’s Den in Felucca so information had been discovered. Algenon had been experimenting with alchemy and was looking for new and different components. He had mentioned breathing under the water. Sir Woodsworth and Fagan both reported that he was seeking passage to a deserted Island.

Members of the Royal guard and concerned citizens met at the Serpent’s Hold Royal Guard Hall to form a posse to seek out the betrayer. First they had to go to the Trammel side of Buc’s Den and Speak with Captain Rumbelly.  Although Captain Rumbelly was annoyed that his brew recipe was wanted he was loose of tongue and directed the group to the pirate tunnels beneath the town.

It did not take long to clean out the area and find evidence of Algenon. A kettle of a vile smelling concoction was stewing in one tunnel while books and potions were strewn up another. Several apprentices defended what the considered their tunnel. Finally a Diary was discovered with information of Algenon’s where about.

Bravely the Sonomen, one by one stepped through the strange gate at the end of a particularly dark tunnel. Through the gate and into the blinding sun.

They found themselves on a small island populated by strange and skeletal creatures. Mages and Alchemists quickly rose to defend their secret place as the Sonomen entered. Finally several blue clad apprentices and a Body guard were all that stood between the warriors and Algenon.

Algenon cursed at Daniel. He told him to leave him and avowed that he would never be caught. He made a mad dash to the sea. Then jumped out onto the water. He drank a strange potion and stool laughing at us. “you will never take me” he howled Then the water foamed around him in dark waves and he was gone.

Assuming that Algenon had Drown, Daniel thanked the people and praised all their efforts. He then said that he had some pressing business far from the realm and wished them all safe journeys.