Mary and Moria (10/10-2/11)

9/24/10 – Introduction

The HOC gathered as they normally did every second and fourth Friday of the month to exchange information and talk about plans for the future.  Unfortunately, this meeting didn’t go as planned. 

It was attacked by Deamons who were in search of a girl. 

Who was this girl?  Why did the Deamons want her?  No one knew.

10/02/10 – Daemons want to meet

The Royal Guard gathered at Brit Castle to hear what Queen Dawn had to say.

Queen Dawn: 

The daemons caused a lot of bloodshed this past weekend, as many of you already know.  All we know is that they are looking for someone.  A girl.  We need to know more.   Fortunately, I received a message from the daemons -they want to meet.  Unfortunately, I can not go with you. So my Royal Guard, here is your task; meet with the Daemons and find out why they are attacking and anything you can about the girl! 

The Royal Guard was then gated to a location where they met a Daemon Guard.  Here is what members of the Royal Guard and the Daemon had to said:

Daemon Guard: I am here for the girl.
 – what girl?
Daemon Guard: She was our prisoner, but escaped.
 – why was she your prisoner?
 – how did she escape?
 – who is she?
Daemon Guard: That is not your concern.  Your concern is finding the girl and giving her to us.
 – what does she look like?
Daemon Guard: She appears human. 
 – what is her name?
Daemon Guard: Don’t know
 – Is she dangerous?
Daemon Guard: Very
– What if we can’t find her?
Daemon Guard: Then we will kill you.
Daemon Guard: Enough.  The daemons will continue to search for this girl and all who get in our way will be killed.
 – nooooo!

 – try it and die!
Daemon Guard:

*grumbles in thought* Very well, I will give you a challenge.  I will cast a gate to my home away from home.  There you will find a few ‘obstacles’ that you will need to overcome.  Overcome them and we will stop our search and allow you to find her on your own.  Fail this challenge and we will continue our search as we see fit.  Some of you are wondering where my home away from home is, *smiles* Daemon Temple in Fel of course.  Accept this challenge or not, the choice is yours. 

The Royal Guard accepted this challenge.

and destroyed the Daemons and their ‘obstacles’ without a problem. 

The Daemons kept their word and left the search for the girl to the citizens of Britannia.

10/05/10 – Search for the Girl

The Royal Guard is summoned to the Castle and learn that Queen Dawn is gone.

Bob Captain of the Guard: As you can see, I’m not Queen Dawn.  The Queen received news from her husband and left the Castle in a hurry.  I do not know what’s wrong, or even if there is anything wrong.  We hope to hear from her soon.  

Bob Captain of the Guard: In the mean time I have a task for you to do.  We need to find the girl the Daemons were after.  Thankfully the Feluccian Branch of the Royal Guard were able to impress the Daemon Guard so will no longer involve themselves in this matter.  

Bob Captain of the Guard: Here is your task: Find the girl and as much information as you can about her.

The task Bob gave the Royal Guard took a few days to complete.  Here is what the Royal Guard learned during that time:

Luna Fairgrounds

*Lily the Fortuneteller
– What do you seek?
– Ah!  Romance!
– No? Ohhhh you must be looking for the girl the Daemons want.
– *stares into the crystal ball*  I see…
– Evil.  I see evil. When you find the girl, give her to the Daemons.  *shudders*
– Her location is clouded.
– All is not what it seems…

Minoc mines:  A hole was found, but feeling of great evil prevented anyone from being able to enter.

Minoc mines

* Tom the Miner
– You’re one of the Royal Guard aren’t you?
– Sorry my mistake.
– *nods* Haven’t seen any Daemons lately. Guess they found that girl.
– We think we saw her. She came out of the main mine. Looked terrible.
– There’s a deep hole there now.  No one will go near it.
– Very pale. Wouldn’t speak or look at us. Backed away from us. We sent her to the healer.
– That’s where we sent her.

* Aaron the Guard
– *nods*  How can I help you?
– Ah. Yes the miners found a girl in one of the mines.
– Sorry I don’t know the details, you’ll have to talk with them.
– The miners sent her to the healers, but she headed for the moongate instead.
– I went to help her, but she hissed at me and made it quite clear I was to stay away.
– Yup.  So I stayed away.  Don’t know what happened to her.  

Minoc Moongate: a Bloodless Corpse was found

Moonglow Bank

*Thorin the Fighter
– How can I help you?
– The one the Daemons are looking for?
– Sorry I can’t help you.  

Skara Brae

*Joy the Town Guard
– How can I help you?
– The one the Daemons are looking for?
– Sorry I can’t help you
E. Brit, The Unicorn’s Horn
* Pat the Tavern Owner
– What would you like?
– Ah.  You’re looking for the girl the Daemons want.
– A girl came here a few days ago looking for work. It might have been her. *shrugs*
– Don’t need any more help, but my cousin in Vesper does.  So I sent the girl to her.  
– My cousin owns the tailor shop.
– The girl was very dirty, but otherwise looked and acted perfectly fine to me. Very sweet.

Vesper, The Spinning Wheel
* Jenny the Spinning Wheel Owner
– How can I help you?
– You mean Mary?  The girl my cousin Pat sent to me for work?
– She works for me now. *smiles* She’s a sweet girl and works hard.
– You might find her at The Ironwood Inn, she’s been staying there.

Vesper, The Ironwood Inn
– Oh hello. *smiles sweetly*
– Oh No!!! *looks terrified*  Are they here???
– *breaks down sobbing*
– Please don’t let them take me back! *cries*
– I was their prisoner, but I escaped. *continues to cry*
– *sobs* I don’t know why I was their prisoner!
– I don’t want to talk about that.  Please help me! *tears continue to roll down Mary’s face*
– You will? *looks hopeful*
– *sobs even louder*

10/11/10 – Poll, Do we help Mary?

The Royal Guard shared their thoughts regarding Mary.  Should she be helped or not?  It was decided that Mary no longer needed the Guard’s help.

10/14/10 – Woodland Creatures Turn Rabid

Warning!  Rabid animals found in great numbers!  Caution is advised when traveling in wooded areas!  The Royal Guard is summoned to Brit Castle to investigate this matter!

Bob Lieutenant of the Guard:

I know many of you have been fighting the gathering forces at Magincia so I thank you for coming here tonight.  The local wildlife at Moonglow seems to have gone mad. Citizens are being attacked by squirrels, deer and… bunnies.  We are being sent to Moonglow to eradicate this problem and see if we can find the cause of the wildlife going rabid.

They Royal Guard kick woodland butt, but are unable to find any clues as to why the animal life turned hostile.  Many in the Guard can’t help but wonder if Mary is behind this strange incident. 

10/31/10 – Curse or Blessing?

Sherry the Mouse sat on Lieutenant Bob’s shoulder as he patrolled the streets of Vesper.  This wasn’t his normal beat, but he was suspicious of Mary.  She turns up then the animals around Moonglow go rabid.  Things were quiet.  Perhaps too quiet?  He wanted to talk with her again, but so many of the Guard had spoken with her that if he walked in now she could yell, ‘harassment!!’ and it would be looked at as true.  Fortunately Sherry was a friend of Selby who was one of the Ironwood Innkeepers.  She agreed to do some scouting for him.

As they passed the Inn, Sherry hopped down and headed in.  The moment she went in, she knew something was wrong, but couldn’t figure out what it was. A feeling of foreboding overwhelmed her. She shrugged off the feeling and after a short search found Selby in one of the rooms used for storage.

“Sherry!  It’s been a long time my friend!  How are you!” he exclaimed with a large smile.

“Very well indeed!  How are you?  How’s business?” asked Sherry.

“Very good!  The Inn seems to have become blessed!  The rats that have plagued us are gone.  They used to get into the food we stored in here.  My they made a mess.  Disgusting creatures.  I can’t tell you how nice it is to have them gone!” replied Selby.

After she finished chatting with Selby she headed out and found Bob.  Once again perched on his shoulder the two of them discussed the conversation.  “I don’t think the Inn has been blessed,” said Bob.  “Nor do I,” said Sherry.  

“I’m going to ask Queen Dawn permission to place a com crystal in Mary’s quarters,” Bob decided with much trepidation.  


11/04/10 – An Overheard Conversation

Okay, so it wasn’t really ‘overheard’ it was more like… um… well… listening for critical information that could save the kingdom from a whole lot of hurt. That sounded a bit better. Not much, but well Lt. Bob knew trouble when he saw it and right now ‘trouble’ was known as ‘Mary’. So Lt. Bob put a com crystal in Mary’s room at the Inn…

The Royal Guard is summoned to Brit Castle to listen in on an important meeting.

Moira :  What has happened to you! Don’t eat that!

Mary :    I have to. I hunger all the time. If I do not eat it I may go for you.

Moira :   But please Mary! *sniffs back a tear* Don’t look at me like that! I scares me. WE are not evil. Stop this charade.

Mary  : *voice roars and is very direct* THIS IS NOT a game Moira. Grow up! My Queen is coming. I serve her.

Moira :   *stuttering* But Mary, Dawn is the Queen now. Please! I beg you! If you will not give up this Queen folly then turn me. Make me as you are. I want to be with you. I need you.

Mary  :  Moira don’t be a fool. You do not want to be like this and you do not need me. Go hide and be safe. Run to your royal guardsman to protect you. Hope he will keep you safe. When my Queen comes existence here will all change. WE will hunt and feed till we are sated. *loud sigh of anticipation*

Moira : And if you lose? What then?  

Mary: Lose? HA! WE are many. We have been feeding off remote villages. Where did you think the villagers were vanishing? * laughs wildly* Yes Moira! We need to eat and eat often!

Moira: I want to be with you.

Mary:  Let me tell you what it was like. Then see if you want this. You wake up cold, not a little chilly *pause for effect* Stone cold. Your head aches like it has never before. Like it was put between two rocks and the rocks were slowly melding with your skull. Then fiery pangs of hunger burst from your stomach. Imagine the worst heartburn. You smell the bakery and it smells vile but the abattoir’s place smells warm and inviting. Imagine the little lambs in a pen behind the store all waiting to be prepared for sale at the meat market. And the little boy who watches over them. The boy … the sweet little boy… the little lamb

Moira : Your ways may be evil but I love you. I will always be there for you . YOU love me! I know you do. I will save you. There must be a way

Mary: *very loudly* ENOUGH! GO!

Moira runs away weeping.

A short while later Mary casts a gate.  The Guard have heard enough and decide to follow.  On the other side of the moongate the Guard does not find Mary, but they do find a lot of very hungry undead.  Mary had been busy.

11/10/10 – Moria Steals a Key

Moira could not believe she was going to steal something. She kept glancing back over her shoulder. No one seemed to be following her. Fallen leaves made crinkling sounds as she quickly ran between the trees. She had to do this. It was for Mary. Although she was not exerted, her heart pounded in her chest. She was sure the people in Luna could hear it even though she was at the award hall.

Another look around revealed that she was indeed alone as she entered the museum. The key to the portal was right ahead and in clear view. Mary needed to make a portal for her safety. That was what Mary had told her. Mary had tried to open the portal but had not been successful. When she heard about the key she understood. Now she just needed one little key to complete her spell. Moira hesitated for just a moment then the key was in her pocket and she hastily made her exit. She head for the place where Mary asked her to hide the key.

Years ago when Moria had thought she had lost her sister forever, it completely devastated her. Mary promised to turn her into a vampire if she did this for her. It would be wonderful knowing they would be together forever. But on the way to the hiding place, she hesitated… Mary wasn’t the same. There was no denying that. What if she just took the key and refused once again to turn her? This thought stopped Moria cold in her tracks.

Moria’s path changed. For the first time in her life she wasn’t going to trust her sister. She’d hide the key someplace safe and when Mary turned her, then she’d reveal it’s location. At least that was the plan… She placed the key beside her very worn doll that Mary had made her in a very secret place.

When she gave Mary the ultimatum and told her what she had done and what she wanted, Mary screamed with rage. She focused her ire on a nearby, grazing cow and ripped it to bloody pieces with her bare hands and teeth. When she regained her composure, she turned to Moria, still covered in blood and said, ‘That could have been you. I don’t have time to turn you and I don’t have time for any games. Where’s the key?’

11/11/10 – Find the Key

A note is found by Yew Fel gate:

I have a job for you.  You may have to kill, steal or even pick a lock or two.  If you are interested, meet me here Thursday (11/11) at 6 pst.

Royal Guard, a mysterious note has appeared by the Yew Fel gate.  It is not known who left this note or why.  But we intend to find out.  If any of you are willing to go to Fel to get this information, please meet at Brit Castle just before 6 pst for some brief instructions.

Bob at Brit Castle:

The Awards Hall housed an item, a key, that would unlock portals to other realms. 

The bad news is, this key is gone. 

The good news is, this key will self destruct


the person who has the key knows the counter spell which is sadly quite possible.

Royal Guard, your assignment is to go to the Fel Yew gate meeting

find that key and bring it to me here at the castle.

Good luck.

Mary at Fel Yew Gate:

I want you to find a key for me.

You may keep anything else you find, but the key is mine.

It has been hidden some where in either Fire or Despise dungeons. 

Bring the key to me.  I will wait for you here. 

The Royal Guard and those helping Mary headed to the two dungeons in search of the key.  As they searched they came upon a well worn doll with a note attached to it which read:

Dearest Mary, 

Remember playing with this when we were children? You made it for me to comfort me  when I had nightmares) Oh the fun we used to have!  I can’t bare to lose you again!

Turn me Mary so that we can be together forever!


The key was found, lost and found again.  It was a near thing but those who decided to help Mary ended up with the key and gave it to her. 

11/17/10 – A Missive is Written

Bob knew that something vile was about to happen. Now that Mary had the Key it was only a matter of time before she figured out how to bring her queen into the realm. Somehow the fine citizens and valiant guards would have to build fortification. He carefully pulled a quill from his satchel and began to scribe a missive to his scouts.

Scouts of The Royal Britannia Guard.
It is your duty to find any clues or information that would lead to the capture and detention of Mary and her blood thirsty queen. This information shall be brought back to the Guard hall and shared with your brethren. Action must be taken swiftly. Preferable before Mary can wreck total havoc on our towns and villages.

11/18/10 – Plans to Defend

Bob at Brit Castle:

Brethren and Citizens of Britannia

I have called you here because our scouts have found some clues about the where

(Moira runs in Sobbing)


Bob *sniff* What have I done?


Mary has deserted me.

I feel so very alone.

I can not sleep. My doll is gone.


Moira we are here to stop your sister. I can not help you.


*big Inhale of breath*

Oh Bob, I am so sorry.

I just wanted to be with my sister.


Moira, *in a gentle tone* I know it is not easy for you.

But you must understand.

Mary is Evil

Her motives are sinister

Her actions may destroy the whole Empire


*sniff snort* * Moira ‘s eyes are swollen and red from tears.*

I will help you. I can find her.

I usually can feel her presence.

Can you take me to where clues have been found?


I am not comfortable with this.

I do not know how the key was taken from the Malas Hall

Please do not take this personally, but there are some who think it may have been you.


*looks down in shame*

It was me.

Please let me make up for it

I will help you

You will need to fortify



Yes Moira.

That is why we are having this meeting.

I am asking anyone who can donate to bring resources to the HOC once we have enough we will build walls and other bastion.

Do you realize you have just confessed to a criminal act?

What do you think Guards? Shall we take her?

Can we trust her to help us?

Moria runs off in tears, but later joins the Royal Guard in looking for clues.

Oracle clues:
Lily (luna fairgrounds):
– Greetings.  The spirits have a message for you.
– She will come forth in a place the undead claim as their own.
– I’m assuming you know who ‘she’ is.  If not, I have no doubts that you will soon.
– I’m sorry, I don’t have any more clues about the place the message refers to.
– I can’t help the dead, but I can help resurrect your dead love life. For a small fee of course.

Jenny (Spinning Wheel in Vesper):
– You’re here about Mary aren’t you?
– I haven’t seen her in a long time.  She was a good worker.  Sweet.  Hard to believe she’s evil.
– One day she came in all excited.  She told us she found a special city.  
– We thought she was talking about a city with lots of good shopping.  Now, I’m not so sure.

Vesper Clue – savage kin mask renamed ‘dropped by Mary’

Trinsic/City of dead passage clue – A parchment with mysterious spell incantations

Delucia Clues – Mary’s muddy boots and a list of reagents and other spell components.

City of the Dead clue – Moria’s well worn doll. 

Royal Guard found the clues and began to gather resources to build barricades. 

12/03/10 – Building a Barricade

Moira looked at the supplies in the HOC building. She was proud of Sonoma  who had  worked hard to gather the resources necessary to help protect their realm. Sand was dug for sand bags, lumber cut for barricades, cloth spun to make bandages. Alchemists set pestle to mortar and ground out potions for healing. Now came the task of building. Everyone hoped the work could be finished before Mary could figure out how to bring forth her evil queen.

12/04/10 – A Letter is Written

Moira dipped her pen into the ink and began to write.

Dearest Bob,

I tossed and turned all night. Sweat rolled down my forehead and back when I jumped up. It was the dream again. I miss my sister on nights like this. I need the comfort.

Tonight it was different. I saw much more clearly. The building in my dream was familiar. The fire that burned had charred my doll. It was there on that alter. As I walked from the room and down the path I realized that this was the area where we had built our barricade. I am certain that we have chosen the right place.

My path is now very clear to me. I know what I must do, for the dream is not a dream but an omen of what may be. I have never wanted to walk this path My failure to accept it was what haunted me. I see no other option. If I fail, know that my heart will always belong to you and lead the good people of Sonoma to a victory.

I hope to once more be in your strong arms.


12/04/10 – A Confrontation is Made

Mary stared at the runic etchings on the key. This was not exactly as she needed. She needed a rift in the time matter fragment to allow the ethereal to penetrate. Her Queen could transcend the barriers of matter and manifest in the Sonoma time continuum. The Quantum concepts were beyond her understanding but she did understand that she had to do this.

As Mary chanted, one rune or another would glow. She smiles as she realized that the key to the key was the order of the runic chant. Relief washed over her. She was going to succeed. It was now only a matter of time before all of Sonoma changed forever. Some people would bow down to her Queen. She would have a retinue of slaves eager to please. Slaves to tend the people who were livestock, the living raised for food.

Moira and her guard were near to Mary. “Stay here, or you may upset Mary.”

The guard stayed back behind a large stone. He watched as the two identical women began to talk. Two sisters. Nothing seemed that unusual.

The thought of food made her salivate. As soon as these runes came to life in the right order she would go out to hunt.

She was very engrossed in her task when she heard footsteps behind her. They were still a long distance away. One of the “benefits” of her new state of being was she could hear much better. This was a big plus since her tolerance to light had diminished greatly. Who could that be?

Mary: Hello Moira. Why are you here? I told you to stay away.

12/04/10 – A Guard with Sad News

“Repeat yourself Private!” demanded Robert Morrigan as he reread Moira’s letter.

The Private fretted. He had been assigned to watch over Moira. She was wanted for a crime against the realm but he had known that his job was to protect her as much as to watch her.

I will do my best to recite it as I heard it Sir!

Mary: Hello Moira. Why are you here? I told you to stay away.

Moira: I have come to make things right.

Mary: Oh poor little Moira. Always forgiving. Things are right with us. I am not going to take time to turn you Now BE OFF

Moira: That is not what I mean Mary.

Then I heard the sound of a knife being unsheathed.

Moira: I should not have taken that key and now I am going to return it to the museum.

Mary: HAHAHAHAHA I will not let you do that!

Moira: You have no choice I have a knife

I Started to worry when I heard the sounds of struggle. Moira made me promise to return to you if things went wrong.

Mary: And I have big teeth Sister. Remember how we used to think we were the same person in two bodies? I can make us one. The way it was suppose to be.

I have been ill at the sight I saw Sir. I am a disgraced guard. But I have kept my promise and delivered the message.

WE must be prepared. Moira said the Rift would form on their Birthday. December 5th at 6PT.

Get the Guard to meet in Brit Castle then. We ride to war.

A tear ran down Bob’s cheek as he said, “Dismissed Private”

12/05/10 – Mary Opens a Portal

Bob greets the guard and tells them of Moria’s death.  He then gates the Guard to the City of the Dead where they find that Mary has left them some nasty things to ‘play’ with while she makes her preparations to open the portal. 

Mary: Hahahaah! You are all too late!
*Mary begins to chant something*
Mary’s Queen appears
Blood Queen: *looks around at all the people*
Blood Queen:  All for me my sweet?
Mary: *bows* Yes my Queen.
Blood Queen:  Will they run and fight back?
Mary: *still bowed* Yes my Queen.
Blood Queen:  hmmm.  I don’t feel like running after my food right now.  So instead you will.  Go kill them and bring them to me.
Blood Queen:  Let the fun begin!  

The Royal Guard completely annihilated everything Mary and her Queen could throw at them.  As an added bonus the Guard was able to destroy Mary as well.  This leaves the Queen in a strange land without support or a minion to do her bidding.  This didn’t seem to bother her.

Blood Queen: I will be back. I never lose!

Bob/Lt. Robert Morrigan

We have defeated Mary but now we have another more gruesome adversary to diligently watch for. Seems we have one foe after another. Tonight I must grieve for Moira. My heart is sick with despair. I should have believed her and watched her more closely. She sacrificed herself hoping to be forgiven by us.

01/07/11 – A Dream

*As you sleep you dream of a strange looking Sphynx walking peacefully along a sandy path between cliffs.  As the dream begins to fade you hear a voice, ‘I have a task for you.  Meet me at Tram Delucia stables.*

As citizens began to gather, the Shade of Moria appeared to them.  She told them she was bond in this state, unable to move on until she atoned for her actions.  She was there for another reason as well. 

The Blood Queen appeared.  Apparently it was her that sent the dream, not Moria.

Well, well, well. 
I’m glad to see so many of you here…
Maybe one of you might be capable of doing this simple task.
Although I have my doubts.
Accomplish this task and you’ll be rewarded,
Fail and you’ll die a painful death.
I have heard that Mary had a pet Sphynx…
Of course it was only a normal one
Out there somewhere *waves hand vaguely* 
is a Sphynx worthy of me and only me.
Find that Sphynx 
and bring it to me.
If you do, you’ll be rewarded.
If it don’t, you die.
Simple isn’t it?
Find the Sphynx, and bring it to me.
In short order the Sphynx was found.  Instead of luring it to the Blood Queen, the citizens took Moria’s advise and killed it.  The Blood Queen wasn’t happy.
*shakes head*
I suspected this task would be too difficult for you.
Now you must die.
As the Blood Queen vanished, Enslaved Warriors appeared.  The fight was on and the Enslaved Warriors were winning.  It took while, but the citizens rallied and fought back eventually destroying the Enslaved Warriors. 
Towards the end of the battle with the Enslved Warriors a few noticed the Shade of Moria leave the battle field.  Those that followed her beheld an incredible sight…
These steeds were definately Royal.  It seemed they belonged to the Blood Queen who was anything but happy about them being found.  “Those steeds belong to me!!  You will NOT touch them!!!”
Of course the Royal Steeds had to die. 

Of course the Royal Steeds had no intention of dying…

In the end the Royal Steeds were killed breaking many a tamer’s heart, enraging the Blood Queen, and made the Shade of Moria smile.


01/15/11 – Citizens Unite and Try Espionage

Moira’s shade presented her findings to the gathering in front of the Luna Fairground stage. Everyone listened carefully and were eager to help. After a brief conversation with Lily the fortune teller they decided it would be best to start at the place that Moira remembered seeing the Enslaved Warrior runoff.  Carefully they found their way North of Delucia into T2A where the Sphinx reside. It was quiet there.Even the wind seemed to be avoiding the area this day Not like the last time they had visited and been set upon by the other Enslaved Warriors.  A search was arranged and people looked under all the rocks and behind all the bluffs. Finally Hera announced that she had found a book.  Moira’s Shade remembered that the Enslaved Warrior had been reading.

“Lead me to it please ” she requested

The group made a protective ring around her and led her to the book. It was a kind gesture though she knew nothing could kill her now.

“I can not open the book. Will you read me the words? Perhaps it will help my memory.”

They read it aloud and Moira sat and contemplated for a while.

“A pack of humans is not a nice thing to say. A holding cell? For what purpose?”

Many ideas were put forth. None were too pleasant. Everyone agreed that a stop had to be put to this. It was imperative that they find the Blood Queens Lair.

Moira remembered following the Warrior to a cool place with water. An Oasis in the middle of the desert. There was green grass and trees for shade there.The warrior had sat by the little lake and drank. He had then pulled out some food to eat. No sooner had the food come out, than big rats, smelling the rich aroma,charged at him and he had to fight for his life. His shirt got torn and a piece of it remained near the water. He fled then to the North west toward the shore. She related this memory to everyone and they set out for the coastline.

The trip was ominous as they made their way along the path. Eerie feelings gripped at their bones.  Stone gargoyles, rat men and wyvern  attacked the citizens as they passed through the beasts territory.The people defended themselves bravely as they proceeded.  Just around a bend they started to smell the salty air that indicated they were close. An breeze kissed their faces and they knew they were near. Soon they arrived at the sea side.

“Oh!!” Moira Moaned. “I’ve  just remembered more. There is a passageway hidden behind the rocks and craigs but it is guarded by a very large sentinel. Be ..”

It was too late. the first guard has ascended upon them and they had to fight hard for their life. Then a second, third and fourth.. Finally they had a clear view of the place where Moira said there would be a passageway. It was just a rock. No passageway. Some wondered if Moira was just luring them here for the Blood queen to play with.  NO! It was not so. Moira remembered a gate!. She begged them to listen. The Warrior had said YSUR HYYV!

Captain Robert Morrigan was there. He was listening to Moira, always willing to believe her. But he saw nothing there. She pleaded with Bob to believe!

Captain Bob looked at her and spoke gently but firmly. “Moira there is no gate and YSUR HYYV is gibb……” As the words came out of his mouth a bubble formed in the rock outcrop and a passage could be seen. It was there just as Moira had said.

“Careful!” She yelled as the group ran through.

They should have realized the Blood Queen would have slaves and enslaved warriors to protect and serve her. They would have to very quietly dispose of them so that they could get close enough to read her Diary. Reckless slipped a knife into the back of one while Beast Slayer Cantra and Clym quickly silenced another. Hera ,Gjo Imp, Taylor and Toto lead Purdy and some other pets around to sleeping area where several were playing a gambling game. Jocelyn,Marco, Kupoking, Lemon, Leanna and Marshal set off to another area of the Lair while Orion, Tesra,Vershawn, Sandy, Sheila, and Forrest searched for hidden doors and chambers. Sufferein, Guy,Samuel, and Chocolate Moose  felt sure that they saw shadows behind a curtain. Sue Paranoid, Mystery and Chosen were making other slaves speak no more. All were grateful for the Bandages Queen Mum administered as needed.

Once all the Slaves were quieted, the group very very quietly creeped up behind the curtain to see what they could hear. They did not want to alert the Blood Queen and be subjected to her wrath. They all knew they needed information to help free the others. As they listened they heard a conversation between the Blood Queen and one of her Slaves.

How many did we lose?

Enslaved Warrior
All of the steeds were lost!
And most of the Enslaved warriors
Some remain
They are guarding our project

in an angry voice
I loved my Steeds
Someone will pay for this!

I have taken it upon Myself to train
some new pets

A scratching sound of Quill on parchment is heard

And where might I find these pets?

speaks in a low murmur that can not be understood

marks the book again
Come I wish to inspect them

Once the Warrior and Blood Queen departed the troop broke down The coffin that was barring their way behind the curtain and searched until they found the Diary. As they turned the pages they realized that it was all gibberish.

“Not Gibberish ” Stated Reckless. This is code. If we all put our heads together we can Decipher it.

Hera looked at it. “This code id giving me a head ache.” She sighed.

Reckless was sure they could solve it. He pulled out a quill from his pack and went to work.

“Not here!” said Jocelyn.  “The Blood Queen could come back. Lets all go home and work on it!”

The Diary Deciphered. The Citizens Take up Arms (1/25/11)

Restless had found Captain Robert Morrigan and presented him with the Blood Queen’s Diary.
“I have decoded this but I think we need to take action. Read this.”

The pets are being trained in secret locations. There will be three in total. Each has a different environment. The desert is harsh. I wonder how mean they will become with little water. I will move the pack there next week.

Bob read it over and agreed with Reckless. ” Lets meet up with them next week while they are moving the pack. Perhaps we can save some.”
It was agreed that everyone would try to meet at the Luna Fairground and set off together.

Moira’s Shade still eager to atone for causing all the trouble she had stood on the stage to explain the circumstances.

I am hereeeee again toOOoooO try toOo right My wroOongs.
I have remembered PaAAaarts OoOOf My dream A Night Mare
*Stares Off into space*
OoOOooO, OoOoOOOO. .My sOooUl is lamenting
There is a place where The BloOooOd Queen wishes to raise an Army of Beasts.
HoOOorrific yet PoOOOor animals .They have been turned much the same way my Sister was.
HoOOowl! The pain in my heart At the thoOoought of Mary
You must find the Animals and destrOoooOOy all that are rabid.
The book you found last week suggested that there are threEee loOooOOcations
OoOONe in in the Desert. I woOuld Imagine near where we found her StEeeEeds.

Bob agreed and cited the spell to make a gate to the area. He chose a place just outside of where he suspected the pack would be
so that the group was not instantly set upon by rabid animals. As the filed through the gate they found a deserted desert. Something was amiss.
Soon Orion,  Night Spirit, Cuda and an Imp were looking for any evidence that the pack had been there.
Hera called out ” Bob and Moira come here I have found a book”
They followed Hera to where Unplugged, Snowflake  Shumer and Aequitas were reading a pocket sized note book.
Lemon Squash read aloud,
Following orders
This area was not arid enough.
Moved the animals to the North west. Follow the path.”

“Animals do not cover their tracks very well. There are droppings and bits of fur. I think we will be able to find them easily” commented Sataria

Sure enough there was a very distinct trail leading North. No effort had been made to cover the route they had taken.
As the group marched the wind picked up and sand blasted them. It  blinded them but they continued on.
“Look up ahead” pointed Vershawn. It looks like a corral. “I do not see anyone tending to the animals Lets get them!”
All at once the patrol spurted forward. They jumped over the fence and stewadied themselves for the deed they had to do.
No one liked killing the Hounds but they were foaming at the mouth as they snarled.

Miri put her Kryss through one as Cuda called forth a vortex with such great energy that many of the visicous dark red hounds fell .
Mix and Queen Mum mumbled “Vas mani” and emitted healing rays. SOmethimes they would place their hands on the wounded, other times they were too far away and had to send the healing.
As the dogs fell Neptune thought it strange that no one was watching over the pack. Surely the Blood Queen would have a … He looked up and saw it approach from the Oasis.
It was on two hind legs yet ran like a man. It had cloven hoofs and long horns. Its fur was a golden brown .It was carrying a pail of water which he dropped when he saw the band of Heros.
He screamed “You will burn to a pile of ash!
As the word left his mouth,  Nightly Spirit began to spasm uncontrollably,  followed by Aequitas,  Purdy and Leanna Lynn.

Hera cried “In Vas Mani”
Bright shocks rippled out from the trainer knocking many to the ground. Although he was outnumbered, he seemed to be winning. He howled with evil laughter as the group tried to stand their ground. He was strong and well trained in battle but he had no way of knowing the secret weapon of the Sonoma Citizens. That weapon! Stand together for the realm.
As the trainer started to falter, more people ran in to do their part. His last word were “I am free my brother”

After the beast fell the silence seemed deafening. The Sonomen who had just felt relief, realized that this was just one training location. Where could the others be?
Taylor encouraged everyone to look around for any clue that might be useful. He then went through the trainer’s pockets. He found some gold coins that he quickly pocketed and some yellow potions. As he continued his search, he found a small parchment. On it was written in a fluid script. He brought it to Bob who read it to everyone.

My friend,
We followed Brutuffs orders and went directly west of Papau. The ruins were just as he described.
I was very careful to stay to the south of the Theran Keep.It took a bit of searching but I found the passage to the cave where I am to raise these poor animals. I wish I could keep one.
I still remember our life before our servitude to the Blood Queen.

Bob organized everyone and head to the Stables on the south side of Papau. To the west Totolon and Vitamin found a trail much like the one in the desert. Dog fur and droppings lined the path toward the Theran Keep. The area was swampy and filled with Bog tentacles. Some of the insects were nipping at any exposed skin that they could find. It was a good thing they had all thought to have their wounds properly bandaged before coming here. It was well known that these bugs could give a nasty infection to open sores. traipsing through bog was never fun. Their boots were getting soggy and some commented that perhaps the group was lost, but they continued. Finally a ruin could be seen before them. That had to be it.
In hindsight more than one citizen wondered why they did not suspect it would be guarded. Another large bullish man animal ran from behind a broken wall.

Having experienced the wrath of the last trainer the group quickly moved into action.
Leanna Lynn called to her pets ” All Kill”
Others like Lemon Squash and TOTOLON prepared weapons ” Consecrus Arma”
The Trainer and Guard was quick. He sidestepped Bobs sword but backed right into one of the many energy vortex that had been summoned.

He lost is footing and fell before one of the greater dragons who fought for their land too.
“Get him” ordered Hera and all the pets swooped down and attacked.
Once the Guard was down it was easy to find the passage and follow it. It lead down a narrow and musty path. In some places the stalagmites blocked half the path and stalactites from the ceiling needed to be crawled beneath. Hearts pounded in anticipation of what might be found at the other end of the tunnel.

It was dark and damp and smelled of urine mixed with wet dog fur. A rather acrid aroma. The sound of swords being unsheathed broke the uncomfortable silence.
“NOW! CHARGE!” Bob bellowed and the Melee began.

Werewolves and Hell hounds were packed tightly into the cavern. There was barely room to push in. Soon their blood puddled on the floor.It flowed to the west wall where piles of bones had been gnawed.
Bob wondered about the bones. The Dogs were filthy but the bones suggested someone was feeding them. A bit better off than their cousins in the desert had been.
Someone lit a torch. The sudden light burned the eyes of the wolves and they howled in pain. They took advantage of the distraction and many hounds fell.

Once all was quiet, they set about to find any more clues. They knew there was another place where animals were being abused and trained to be feral and evil and they had to find it. At the far North end a tunnel was found that lead around a bend and at the end of the tunnel was a small corral.

Queen Mum spoke up. ” I hear wimpering”
Moira’s Shade floated over the rails and peeked behind a crate.
“Oh look! It is a frightened puppy” She said
“What shall we do? asked Bob
Mix was unsure if he dog would be safe. “Kill it”
Leanna Lynn thought ” No it is a Puppy”
TOTOLON had  no idea
Marla Moran begged ” dont kill him”
Shade of Moira spoke again ” I doOo NoOOt think he is rabid” and was able to pat the little thing

That was when Hera pointed out a small pocket book and requested,  “read the book”

Marla Moran asked ” what book?”

War Pig pointed to the ground where the book lay, “there under the stool”

Elf Sandy read

My friend,
I too remember our days together before our enslavement.
I miss the nights we spent beside out fireplace.
I have brought my dogs to the coldest place
I could find.

I head directly North of the desert by sea.
The nights are long and dark
Everything is icy here
Sometimes I  think my nose will freeze and break off
I fear we will all freeze to death if we stay here.
I doubt the “pets” will survive.

Leanna Lynn remarked ” headed to a cold climate. Someplace snowy?”
Moira handed the frightened puppy to Bob. “Take the puppy. It is Filthy and needs a bath. He needs some care too. Once he is well we can find a home for him.”

Then a gasp was heard by all.

Lemon Squash observed, “What is this?”

A strange voice could be heard ” I MUST WARN THE OTHERS!!!!!”
Then a female creature like the other trainers made a gate and ran through.

Bob thought about that for a while. ” If you take a boat North from the desert there is a very icy cave.
The summer and winter all blend together there. Perhaps we should search there or follow the Trainer?”

Some of the warriors remembered to put on their vests that Grandma had knit them for Christmas and they ran through the gate.When they arrived outside the icy cave the glare on the snow was blinding. Slowly their eyes adjusted.

“Oh Look she has left foot prints in the snow. I bet if we follow them we can find the rest of the pets”

The land here was very harsh. Snow and Ice damaged the equipment as well as the people. Storms came from nowhere  and avalanches fell blocking the path to them from their ultimate goal.
the trainer who had fled the cavern and the trainer who had been assigned the land of Ice fought but the valiant Sonoma soldiers and guards were victorious. After the battle they gathered around the forge that the trainer had set up and warmed their hands
They talked of their wounds and prowess in battle. They spoke of plans for the next week.

As they chatted Raven remembered, “Wasn’t there also a group of humans that Brutuff was “herding to train?”

“Oh yes! “said Bob ” we will have to watch for any sign of them. They too will need us to help them one way or another.”

Moria finds the Portal key – in the wrong hands! (1/25/11)

The Shade of Moria was having more and more difficulty focusing.  It was so much easier to just… drift.  But there was something important that had to be done.  Very important.  Something about a person.  A woman.  Memory hit Moria like a hammer.  She was once again able to focus.  She had to follow the Blood Queen and find out what she was doing. 

Just thinking of the Blood Queen took Moria to her.  The Blood Queen was at the entrance of a Tram dungeon casting a spell.  Once the spell was complete she pulled out a green key, looked at it smiling then put it back in her pocket.  The Blood Queen entered the dungeon. 

The Shade of Moria quickly followed, but at the entrance she hit a wall and could go no farther.   But Moria had seen enough.  Time to alert the Guards.  The Blood Queen had the portal key and was using it in one of the dungeons!

The Blood Queens Last Stand (2/2/11)

Moira’s shade had told Captain Robert Morrigan what she had seen. She shook her head and wished that the details were not fading. Bob had asked her to tell the Guard and any Citizens who answered his call about the espionage she had done. Now she stood beside him in Castle Britainnia wishing she could touch is face one more time. She reached out to him but her ethereal body felt nothing.

“I miss you” She whispered so only he could hear.

“I miss you too” He replied with a shaky voice. “but now we must act on what you saw the Blood Queen do.”

“We started near the entry to the Hearthwood. She did not see me. She was focused on the little key. I followed her to the cemetery where she spent some time looking at stones before she proceeded west to a mountain range. I remember seeing a lot of orcs then there was a pass through the foot hills. We trod through the path and turned back east. Soon I saw her destination was a cave opening. I tried to follow her but there seemed to be a force field around the entry. I saw many mean looking mages and spinning Green vortex. I wished I could get closer.”

Bob looked out to the people. “What is west of Yew?” He enquired

“I think Shame?” answered Hera.  “yes that is right Shame”

F’lar Absitian quickly agreed “the third depths”.

“Bob? If they believe the place I described is Shame, Shall we go there?” Asked Moira

Hera replied “What you have described is a Mage tower deep in the cavern.”

Kimmer, Bambi and Darby Crash were the first to say aye but a unanimous cry of “for Sonoma” resonated through out the throne room.

“I know a way in through the gate at the back of the room. Let’s go quickly.” Stated Bob

Brenda Joy, Seymour, Inethria ,Cuda, Guri and P H Y C H O ran through the aqua gate followed by Loretta, Maureen the noble ,Sir William, Mystic and John the Fisherman. J-B, Shumer, Jocelyn, Nameco, Aurora, ABA, Spicoli and LemonSquash were quick on the heels of the first group eager to help. As they passed through the gate they were ambushed by waiting Evil Mages who had set alarm traps to warn them of any intruders. Hunter and Walker, two guardians for the Blood Queen, rushed forward and knocked the first few through unconscious. Their magic was very strong and powerful.  The Sonomen hoped the healers would soon be through the gate to help.

Blades clanged and a low monotonous lull of incantation filled the air.

Lemon Squash carefully knocked an arrow and released it. It made its mark but more Of the Blood Queens Guardians entered the fray.  Inethria and Gjo and Soul Annex were evading attacks as best they could. The hours they had spent training was paying off in this grueling battle.

As the Melee warriors started to keep the focus of the guardians, Mages of the realm were able to keep their concentration and prepare their spells efficiently. Shumer murmured, “Corp por” and strong volts flew from his finger tips.

Cocoa and Brenda Joy had their own kind of magic. “ Kal Vas Xen Corp Ylem, An Lor Xen”

Finally the Tamers made their way through to the Third depth of Shame. Proud and noble beasts quickly responded to their trainers orders.

“All Kill!” Cried Jocelyn.

As the groups eyes finally adjusted to the underground and they could analyze what they were paired against they realized that the Guardians had subordinates. They could make out orders from them “Return with their heads or dont return at all!” Onward! To battle!”

“Kill or be killed my minions!” “Dont come back until you or them are dead!”

They were supervising Zombies. The mindless horde must have been the pack of humans that Brutuff had been herding for the Blood Queen. Their eyes were clouded and empty. They obeyed with out intellectual thought. Seeing the poor men women and children gave the Sonoma denizens resolve. They would be victorious or they would die before succumbing to this evil.

Taylor and Imp and Bamf cried out to Jocelyn and Flar. “Come look! There are Blood worms and I think they are crawling out from the middle of that Blood pool on the ground.”

“Have you ever seen anything like that here before? “ Asked Soul Annex?

Cocoa, Kimmer, Hera, And Lemon Squash all shook their heads. Something very evil was happening and they were all to be witness.

The Gronkle, Darby Crash the Driven, Aurora, Yuji and Charly Dont Surf started to back up and encourage the others to stand back. They knew that this was an ill omen. The hairs on the back of their arms stood on end. Very few things gave them goose bumps but unnerved even the bravest of men.

Cast Away, Allyson Chaynes, TOTOLON and Darth Waynebo steadied themselves. They stood there watching. It seemed the air was silent now. Nothing moved. Paranoid, Cantra and Night walker all waited. Was time standing still?

Then a low rumbling could be heard. The pool of blood started to bubble as though it was boiling. It splattered red ooze that burned the skin. Dark shadows swirled around. Or was it a trick of the mind? The shadows floated around the heads of the warriors and Mages taunting them. It sounded as though they were whispering “It’s too late, you are doomed. He is coming.” Then it seemed like they gave a soft single giggle. Not long; just haunting. They stood in a stupor, completely dumbfounded by this rare phenomenon. Tesra , Death Jester, and Mystic started to come back. Not soon enough as Mystic began to spasm uncontrollably. Hera and Aurora quickly in vas Mani’ed .  More Blood Worms came forth and attacked the people. They feasted on the blood of the injured, taking advantage of every weakness. Well trained pets came to their masters aide. Everyone had a place and a duty. They reformed and went into the melee with avengance.

Finally all was still. They knew in their hearts, However that this was not over. They had to get to the bottom of this. The Blood Queen had spread too much evil and had to be stopped. As they surveyed the area they noticed the Blood Queen near the ominous blood pool. She seemed to be watching the battle as well as the blood.

“How dare you kill this!!! ohhhh!!! DEATH!! stay away! NOOO! CURSE YOU ALL!! She was crazed. Then another voice was heard. A voice that had never spoken in this realm before. A mysterious entity.

“You” He demanded while pointing at the Blood Queen. “You have not fulfilled your promises”

“I will” She cowered.

You are useless” He bellowed.

“Give me more time!!!” The Queen begged

You have not fulfilled your part of our bargain” His eyes seemed to pierce right through her.  “I Curse you

“Noooooo!!!!!” She wailed.

“All Kill!!!”  Screamed Aurora, quick to jump in and get an edge on the queen while she was disoriented from the curse. With that the beginning of the end for the blood queen commenced.

The Queen did not have her servants to help her now. She went berserk. She clawed and bit at the army. She did not have time to turn any so they would follow her. All she had was she. From the corner of her eye she caught sight of the shade of Moira. Moira could not fight but she felt pride. Her Bob had lead these people her. Many had been hurt. They had fought even injured and bandaged. Now the tides had turned. The Queen that had taken her sister and ruined Moira’s life was no longer going to be able to desecrate the land. She was going down. She stood and watched as the final blow was thrashed at her. This was one death that Moira did not regret.

Later Captain Robert led the group to an Inn for ale and food. Tales of cunning swordsmanship and brilliant spell casting were told. The Blood Queen had been unable to open the rift or bring the Mysterious Entity into Sonoma. It was a time for celebration. Glasses clinked and songs of war were sung around the tables.

For Moira the time was bittersweet. She was relieved to have been able to help. She felt her aura dim and knew it was time.

“I am so very sorry for the trouble I caused,but you have defeated the evil,and I can now enter eternal rest. I will remember you for all eternity.I wish to give you something to remember me, now that I am Dead.”  Moira looked at the dead plant in the corner. “I wish to give you a plant that is not dead. Death is hard. You need something alive.”

Moira touched the plant and it turned a beautiful red colour. “I think you should take a flower from this plant”

Darby Crash said: “awww thats cute”

While the others were saying thank you, Moira faded into her eternal rest.