The Earldom of Drakefeld

Situated to the South West of the City of Trinsic, the Earldom of Drakefeld is currently lead by Earl Alfraed Drakefeld. Some say he is as stubborn as he is proud, others that he is a just if somewhat callous lord with a habit of overreaction. In the days of yore his ancestors fought and cleared the earldoms lands of hoards of fierce drakes and wyverns; which in time came to be the earldoms namesake and that of his family?s house, ?Drakefeld?.

Renowned for a time as the slayers of dragons and defenders of the common folk, the Earls of Drakefeld soon departed from their lofty and honorable ways, turning into grim overlords within their established fiefdom. Not content with their small holdings, they took to the sword and fell upon the regions close to their domain and two decades of strife and war followed.

In the end the Earldom of Drakefeld saw its forces overreach its daring grasp for land and power, as its home economy crashed under the weight of harsh war taxations. Finding itself in dire need of economic and military alliance, the successive Earls undertook a political strategy of alliance, balancing the threat of their many foes with powerful allies. The Earldoms closest ally over the years has been the island stronghold of Serpents Hold. Though more of a castle then a city, the large island’s lords and mighty knights have in times of need assisted Drakefeld and vice versa.

Though not directly hostile to the great city state of Trinsic, their war efforts had in the past brought them into conflict with that cities traditional allies; one of them being the Blood Eagle Barony. To offset any future aggressive action by these two potential foes, the Earldom of Drakefeld secured an alliance with the then newly crowned Queen Dawn of Britannia. ?Thus, despite all of the past hostilities, the earldom was now unofficially allied, via proxy alliance, to their old rivals.

Not more than a youth at the time, Earl Alfraed was outraged by his father?s decision to come so close in alliance to their known rivals within the region. Upon ascending to the lordship of Drakefeld, Earl Alfraed promptly declared that ?alliance by proxy was no alliance recognized by his domain?; a sentiment which was heard and responded to by Baron Amadeus of the Blood Eagle Barony, when he spitefully said, ?valid are these words from the tongue of our foes indeed?. Stopping short of cutting their ties to the greater realm of Britannia, it was a clear message by both lords of mutual mistrust and animosity.

Years have passed, as Earl Alfraed has by most accounts, administered his realms holdings with a slight eye towards just pursuits and has seen his power and wealth grow in proportion to each other. As such, viewing himself as a ?modern lord? he spends most of his time within the worldly confines of the fortress city of Serpents Hold. He often holds court in a well guarded and finely attuned hall within the city.

Earldom of Drakefeld Ranks:

Note: Player ranks and status within the Earldom?s ?guild? will be posted and updated herein after each ?Official Battle Event? per month.

Drakefeld Warmarshal: Has served the fiefdom for 24 months and has fought at 12 ?Official Battle Events?: Once this rank has been awarded, the player shall receive a Sash (not blessed) entitled ?The Emblem of the Earldom of Drakefeld?.

Captain: Has served the fiefdom for 12 months and has fought at 10 Official Battle Events?

Lieutenant: Has served the fiefdom for 6 months and has fought at 5 ?Official Battle Events?

Sergeant: Has served the fiefdom for 3 months and has fought at 2 ?Official Battle Events?

Recruit: Swears vassalage to join (must be of non ?young? player status).