The Blood Eagle Barony:

Lead by the hardnosed and temperamental Baron Amadeus Roteadle, the Blood Eagle Barony takes its name from the fearsome and presumed extinct ?blood eagles?, that once dwelt within the forested mountains of the baronies Northern lands. The main fiefdom lay to the North West of the city of Trinsic and borders with that cities claimed lands. In ages past, the Barony saw its share of just and vile leaders; some took up arms in noble causes, even aiding the paladins of Trinsic in their battle with the ?Dark Mistress? Minax, during the onset of the Age of Shadows. Other Barons have turned to raiding and plundering the neighboring fiefdoms, swearing homage to none and causing great unrest amid the realms.

After many years of poor relations to the crown of Britannia, the Blood Eagle Barony finally swore homage to Queen Dawn after she vanquished Lord Blackthorn and eventually assumed the throne. Always ?sitting on the fence? when it came to alliances, had left the barony devoid of reliable allies amid the other noble houses of the realms; thus it was assumed that this homage to the Britannian crown was undertaken in a strategic sense and not forged out of undying loyalties. In fact, upon hearing the remarks of his foe and rival, Earl Alfraed of the Earldom of Drakefeld (another of Britannia?s allies), that ?alliance by proxy was no alliance recognized by his domain?, the spiteful baron responded that, ?valid are these words from the tongue of our foes indeed?. Stopping short of cutting their ties to the greater realm of Britannia, it was a clear message by both lords of mutual mistrust and animosity.

Since that time, under the astute and sometimes pitiless leadership of Baron Amadeus, the barony has grown in wealth and power. Expanding some of its lands and holdings across the realms, some of which border with that of their rivals holdings, the Earldom of Drakefeld.

Baron Amadeus rarely holds court at his ancestral keep, preferring the civic atmosphere of the great halls found in the city of Trinsic. Though not greatly admired by the cities lords, owing to his less then honorable reputation, Baron Amadeus none the less holds a powerful sway in the doings of the great city. He often stations his hired mercenaries within the cities many barracks and oversees their training himself.

Blood Eagle Barony Ranks:

Note: Player ranks and status within the Barony?s ?guild? will be posted and updated herein after each ?Official Battle Event? per month.

Blood Eagle Warmarshal: Has served the fiefdom for 24 months and has fought at 12 ?Official Battle Events?: Once this rank has been awarded, the player shall receive a Sash (not blessed) entitled ?The Emblem of the Blood Eagle Barony?.

Captain: Has served the fiefdom for 12 months and has fought at 10 Official Battle Events?

Lieutenant: Has served the fiefdom for 6 months and has fought at 5 ?Official Battle Events?

Sergeant: Has served the fiefdom for 3 months and has fought at 2 ?Official Battle Events?

Recruit: Swears vassalage to join (must be of non ?young? player status).