The Feudal War (PvP-RP)

*Note: This event has not yet officially been implemented and is still in the evaluation process. The information listed herein is subject to revision. We have listed the current concept information for this event to allow the player community to interject with their thoughts and opinions about the concept for this event. Should both the player community and the EM staff feel the concept is fully evaluated, it will be officially launched late in July or early August.

The Feudal War (PvP-RP Ongoing Event)

To enhance the already existing player verses player game play found within U.O., the ?Feudal War? system will allow the player community to ?join? (see how to join below) two warring guilds (the Blood Eagle Barony (based in Trinsic) and the Earldom of Drakefeld (based in Serpents Hold)) ran and managed by EM role play characters (Baron Amadeus and Earl Alfraed).

The players may join either guild they wish (depart and rejoin as they choose) with alternate characters or their main characters. Player characters that remain within their chosen Feudal Guild, will over time be rewarded with special guild ranks, for their service and loyalty. Yet no player member of either guild will be allowed to rise above the rank of ?Ronin? within their respective guild, as each guild lord views all of them as mere ?hired mercenaries?, serving his house.

The Feudal War between the Blood Eagle Barony and the Earldom of Drakefeld will often have set terms for ?Victory Conditions?, put in place by the two guild lords, for certain ?Battle Events? which are officially announced and held each month; the Battle events will have their ?Kill Counts? taken into account? to determine ?Victory? or ?Defeat? overall for that month (in RP Mission Terms). However outside of these official Battle Events, the players who are members of each guild may attack each other and continue the war on their own.

Players may engage in any form of player verses player combat / activity that is allowed within the games rules; this includes looting the corpses of slain player members of each Feudal Guild and any of the other allowed activities. Those members who are found to be ?traitors? to their Feudal Guild and engage in the slaying of their guild-mates or engage in thievery against their fellow guild-mates, may if caught by their respective Feudal Lord, be kicked out of that Feudal Guild; and banished from the event, if kicked out of both guilds. Otherwise, all is fair in the Feudal War!

Battle Events & Victory Conditions:

This PvP (player verses player) concept is more about fun then actual ?victory?, yet winning battles is fun and an important part of the PvP-RP storyline, which will run alongside of the events. Each month certain ?role play objectives? will be set by the two Feudal Guild Lords, winning the monthly Battle Event will result in an overall victory for that Feudal Guild for that month.

Example: the Blood Eagle Barony has won the monthly Battle Event; thus it claims overall victory for that month and as a result, Baron Amadeus gains control of the ?A Gate Keep? within the city of Serpents Hold, which he may now use as a rallying spot for future attacks on his rival lords forces within the city.

Each role play ?Objective? will be given out by the respective lords each month and be posted on the official Sonoma site herein.

Though the Feudal War may rage for a long time, a final victory may only come with either the death of one of the lords (in role play terms) or a final ?peace treaty? of some sort, formulated by the opposing guilds. Either way, it will take many years of hard fighting to wear down these two hard headed and determined lords.

How to join a Feudal Guild:

Each Feudal Lord (Baron Amadeus and Earl Alfraed) will take applications for enlistment in person at their training and recruitment halls in Trinsic or Serpents Hold, on dates officially listed as ?Feudal Recruitment Event: ?Guilds Name??. These two events will take place just prior to the official Feudal Battle Event and coincide with a brief ?Truce?, which will last until the battle events scheduled date.

At such events, players may officially request to join one of the Feudal Guilds or even ?switch sides? if they prefer (such actions are not always accepted by the opposing Feudal Guild Lord, as they fear infiltration; thus players are advised to remain within their chosen Feudal Guild until the opposing Feudal Lord officially accepts their request to join.)

It is suggested that players not leave their regular ?player guilds? to join either of the Feudal Guilds; rather that they create ?alternate characters? to join the Feudal Guilds to fight with and join the event. This is not required, players may do so as they wish, however we do not want to see player ran guilds impacted by this event and hope the players remain on their alternate characters within the respective Feudal Guilds to earn the ranks within the two Feudal Guilds that are dependent on term of service and battles attended.

Since a Truce is in effect during these recruitment events (both guilds will be set to ?Peace?), ANY combat at the event between guild-mates will be regarded as ?a violation of the truce? and the player/s that starts the aggressive action shall be removed from their respective Feudal Guild.

Players, who have been removed from either or both of the Feudal guilds, will have their names recorded; should they continue to cause ?problems? for the Feudal Lords, both sides may eventually refuse to sign them on as mercenaries. Try not to disrupt the events, it is ok to ?role play? as you like, just remember this event is about having fun and mixing it up in some fun PvP (not enforcing ?rules? and such).


The Feudal War Factions:

Blood Eagle Barony:

Earldom of Drakefeld:

The “War Map”:


The Feudal War (RP back-story):

Ages of strife and animosity between their respective houses has not left either of the great lords, Baron Amadeus of the Blood Eagle Barony nor Earl Alfraed of the Earldom of Drakefeld, much room for friendly relations between their realms. Despite their past hostile words, directed towards each other, the two lords had managed to avoid open war for nearly a decade.

This uneasy peace came crashing down when two of their warships collided while vying to enter the Jhelom port dockings. Each of the ships captains where under strict orders, by their respective lords, to never allow the other domains ships to upstage or out due their crews efforts. Thus upon recognizing the each others banners of lordship, they both refused to give way or yield as they sailed towards the ports entry.

The thunderous crash brought both vessels near to sinking itself; yet with tempers flaring and accusations flying an order to ?attack? was given. Which side gave the initial command, remains a hot point of controversy; what is certain is at the end of a day of fierce fighting, which spilled over into the city, both ships where lost and many causalities sustained by both crews. Now stranded on the island City of Jhelom, the remaining forces of the two hostile crews, held up in hastily fortified buildings within the city. The local lords where helpless to stop the fighting, which was enflamed when the captains of each ship purchased the services of the many willing local mercenaries, with their respective ships stores of gold coin. Soon the entire city was in chaos and the frightened lords of Jhelom sent pleas of aid to the two lords, Baron Amadeus and Earl Alfraed, asking them to order their troops to cease fighting and submit to the local authorities.

Upon hearing the urgent requests of the local lords of Jhelom and that of the reports from their respective captains, the two lords sent not orders to surrender; but instead Baron Amadeus ordered his men to ?hold out, until reinforcements could be mustered? and Earl Alfraed in kind ordered ?Let your honor be written in the blood of these vile fools! We will relive ye, we sail with haste to ye!?. Both of the lords reassured their frightened counterparts in Jhelom that a relief force was on the way, to becalm the two units. The fact was, each thought to surprise the other and gain the upper hand by sending forth a fully manned and armed war ship.

As the two ships sailed towards Jhelom, unaware of each other, additional fighting broke out on the border between the two, now openly hostile fiefdoms. Border guard patrols met at a crossroads and of course, sneers lead to words and words lead to a fighting! By now word of the unrest had reached all ears in the two small fiefdoms, villages put up their defenses and the two respective lords began calling in their armed forces form the countryside, in preparation for war.

By the time the two war ships reached Jhelom, the two hostile crews of twenty or thirty men had turned into small armies! The two captains having hired some forty or fifty mercenaries who frequent the haunts of Jhelom; the two forces sporadically fought on, each trying to muster a rout of the other. When the first war ship sallied into the port, that of Baron Amadeus?s, his forces cheered and sallied forth to link up with the newly arriving reinforcements. To their astonishment, one hour later, their ship was bottled up within the port and taking heavy fire from the then arriving war ship of the Earl of Drakefeld!

With fighting now underway within their home domains and on the island city of Jhelom, the two age old rivals declared officially a state of war upon each other?s realm. One week into the conflict, a detachment of Royal Britannian Guards relived the city of Jhelom, halted the fighting and ordered the two rival factions back to their ships and out to sea. Once at sea, the two vessels once more engaged each other, as their hulls strained under the stress of the high seas. Neither vessel would arrive home, yet a few survivors where rescued by the returning ships of the Royal Guards. Some claimed a victory in their lords name, others that their ships where sunk after ramming into each other. Despite the conflicting reports, both lords claimed a ?great victory in the battle of Jhelom?, to the utter resentment and dismay of that cities lords and citizens.

Since the start of the conflict, both the lords of the city of Trinsic and royal envoys from Queen Dawn have failed to broker a peace between the two warring realms. Each lord has stubbornly refused to submit to any peace conference proposals, maintaining their just right as lords to conduct the affairs of their sovereign realms as they see fit.

Thus the Feudal War rages on for now, with both of the small domains calling for aid from their allies and hiring mercenaries from all across the realms. With their war chests still brimming in gold coins, neither side is ready to call for peace, as both wishes to test the power of the other and push for a resounding victory.