The Battle of the Dead Woods: Tokuno Isles

Battle Report: Filed by Lord Ulrich

Aoifa the Swordmaiden had received a report, indicating that there are devious doings in the fair lands abroad. There have been sightings of ?Forest Demons? and other vile creatures lurking in the wooded areas in the realms of the Tokuno isles. She therefore called forth to the Wardens of the Realms and commanded them to sally forth and slay these menacing fiends.

Kigzu the Demon Lord was apparently raising a host of Forest Demons and vile Plague Spiders, perhaps to raid or attack villages and cities throughout the Tokuno Isles. He was rallying all his forces to an abandoned dojo north in the region of the isles known as the ?Dead Wood?. The Wardens of the Realms and their allied forces cornered Kigzu and his hoard near to their encampment. Though the battle raged for nearly a full day, the Wardens and their forces slew or drove off all of the hostile invaders.

Kigzu himself was slain during the battle and his claws where taken as a trophy of the victory, as were 8: A Spider Fang Flute, 20: Forest Demon Claws and 5: A Warden of the Realms Plate Tunic.

Among the victorious forces, Ansatsu, DejaVu and Paw located and returned the three ?A Proof of Valor Scrolls?, earning their initial ranks within the Wardens of the Realms unit.