The Corrupted Wald, Part VI: The Sinister Secret of Magincia

The Corrupted Wald, Part VI: ?The Sinister Secret of Magincia?: June 26, 9pm ET: Meet at the Skara Bare Community Center

Delving deeply into the Runic Tome of Vercilise the Wise, Khelek the Magi has discovered a disturbing secret. There are hidden portals placed within the ruined city of Magincia, placed there ages ago by the Runic Magi as both a means of travel and escape in time of need. Also detailed within the pages of the tome are the locations of several other portals, depicted on maps of the realms. Where these portals go to and what this might mean in the quest for the other Runic Tomes is unknown.

Thus, as his research is not yet completed, Khelek has not fully unraveled this newly found tomes incantations yet; however he has sent word to the lords and ladies of the realms to gather and attempt to find out what these mysterious portals about the realms might mean.

*Images of the ?Maps? found in the Runic Tome.

*Event Recap: June 27

Calling forth to the Lords and Ladies of the realms, Khelek the Magi again meets with them within his mysterious abode. He informs the gathering that he was unable to completely delve fully into the recently recovered Runic Tome and as such has not unlocked all of its secrets.

However, the wise magi had discovered several maps within the tome and cryptic passages that indicated there were hidden portals located across the realms. Surmising that these portals where put in place by the Runic Magi ages ago, as means of travel and security, Khelek asked the gathered party to search for their locations and discover their secret destinations.

A strange runic incantation, ?Revlorem?, would reveal the locations of the portals, one of which was located someplace in the ruined city of Magincia. Thus it was that the party of adventurers headed off, to search for any clues to the location of the remaining Runic Tomes and travel through the portals left by the Runic Magi.

Traveling to the ruined city of Magincia and using the incantation, the party found the initial portal, only to be ambushed by a band of Mendax?s disciples! The dreadful liches who had served their master for many a dark age, attacked the party declaring, ?None of ye shall pass us! You shall all be slain?!

As the party fought the forces of Mendax, the portal vanished after some time, only to reappear once the disciples of Mendax where defeated and the magical incantation was re-uttered.

Bravely the party entered into the mysterious portal, finding that it transported them to an ancient temple made of marble. All about the strange temple where runic inscriptions and several glowing portals. But where do they lead they pondered? It was decided that they would split up and explore the portals in teams, thus allowing for speed in their search; as it was feared that the minions of Mendax may return in force to once again attack them.

The portals took the various parties to several strange and remote locations, all guarded by hideous and powerful creatures. At one location within the Tokuno Islands amid the ruins of some ancient structures another portal was found, which lead to a small valley within the mountains. There within was a host of Demonic Zombies and Evil Eyes seemingly lead on by a few of Mendax?s disciples. A fierce battle ensued, for it was discovered that within the valley floor was buried some fragments of a Runic Tome! Not willing to allow the forces of Mendax to prevail, the stalwart party fought on until they had slain all of their vile foes. The fragment of the Runic Tome was secured and returned to Khelek.

Another party, after stepping through a portal at the Runic Magi Temple, found themselves high in the snow covered peaks of a desolate mountain range. Using a copy of one of the maps found within the recently recovered Runic Tome, the party traveled via a narrow mountain pass, finding along the way some strange runic symbols cared into the rocks. Following the runic symbols and the map, the party neared the place which was believed to be the location of yet another portal. As they marched onward a shrieking voice cried out from an overpass, ?Slay them! Get that map!?. The party was ambushed by an Arch Demon and her host of vile Demonic Zombies! Leaping out form the rocks, several of the vile undead monsters attacked the party, as the demon hurled fireballs at the party! Several amid the party where wounded as the fighting raged, yet the Arch Devil was slain and her dreadful minions fell before the might of the brave lords and ladies!

Once rid of their dreadful foes, the party continued to search, finding indeed a hidden portal, which lead them to a remote shoreline amid the Lost Lands. Therein the party was attacked yet again by an entire hoard of Demonic Zombies, lead by a giant Arch Devil!

As his grim allies fell before the parties might, the Arch Devil withdrew into the mountains, holding fast within a valley stronghold. There he was met and slain, along with his remaining forces, by the brave adventurers!

Once the fighting was done, the party searched the area, digging into the sandy ground and found yet another fragment of a Runic Tome. Was this perhaps part of a Runic Tome scattered by the Runic Magi themselves or the mere remnants of a tome that was lost ages ago?

Gathering back at the Runic Magi Temple, the parties traveled through another portal and found themselves transported to a tropical island. Hacking their way through the dense jungle they encountered several hostile monsters guarding a glowing portal. The order to charge was given and the brave adventurers fell upon the evil monsters and slew them all! Taking no rest the party traveled through the portal, finding that it lead to yet another jungle island with a strange and ancient temple complex at its center.

Though no portal was obvious to the party, strange runic inscriptions indicated that a portal was present someplace. Searching carefully the party discovered that an invisible portal was placed at the center of the strange temple. Passing through the magical portal the party was transported to yet another ancient temple, high in the mountains of the Lost Lands.

Guarding the area where several of the lingering Ghosts of the ancient Runic Magi. Giving no warning the spectral magi attacked the party! Where they trying to slay them or protect an ancient secret, none could say. Though powerful, the Ghosts of the Runic Magi where no match for the might of the lords and ladies of the realms. Once the fighting was done, the party searched the ancient temple. Within the area they found the remains of an unfortunate mage, apparently slain decades ago, his weathered bones lay scattered near to the temple. Within his partially buried remains they found his journal, ?Quinn?s Journal?, written in an ancient tongue, the party was unable to decipher it. They also discovered a runic inscription, carved into one of the pillars near to the temple; it read ?Place ye thy tomes in succession. Find within thy dread of power?. Unsure as to the cryptic meaning of this inscription, the party took the journal and their findings back to Khelek the Magi.

One last portal took the party to the Runic Magi Stronghold, known to them from a previous excursion to contain a Swirling Void. Several Ghosts of the Runic Magi where found lingering within its dark confines and where defeated. A strange portal was found in a room off of the main chamber; had it opened due to the utterance of the magic incantation, none where sure.

This portal lead the party to a secret lair, quite close to the Runic Magi Temple. Exploring the secret lair, they found a dark passage lead to a location high in the mountains of the Lost Lands.

Strange runic symbols where found carved into the rock face, yet where not deciphered by the party. Where could this lead and what did it mean? The party recorded the location and reported it to Khelek the Magi, who was also perplexed as to this locations purpose. Khelek the Magi was astonished to see the extent of clues found and was greatly pleased by the brave deeds of his friends and allies.

Found amid the treasure hoards of the monsters slain and within the various locations where; 5: A Shield with an Evil Eye on it, 10: A Demonic Zombie Skull, 8: A Rune Etched Wand, 10: An Ancient Relic from Magincia (spell books), 15: A Hexed Runic Bracelet and 5: A Demonic Lich?s Helm.

Khelek remarked that the Ancient Relics from Magincia might hold additional clues to the doings of the Runic Magi within the ruined city of Magincia. He also said that it was now clear that the Hexed Runic Bracelets where used to control the minds of the disciples of Mendax and perhaps grant them certain powers. It is still unknown what the Rune Etched Wands might do or what their purpose may be; what is clear is that the former Runic Magi all carried them in life.

Khelek the Magi further instructed the lords and ladies of the realms to mark runes to the newly found locations; as there may be a need to travel back to the locations and search them in the future. He told the gathering that he would research the cryptic meanings behind the discovered runic verses found and try to discover what it means in regards to their quest to find the lost Runic Tomes and the Runic Amulet. He added that the Torn Fragments of the Runic Tome, are indeed part of a Runic Tome; perhaps one that was destroyed long ago. It may be needed to search for the scattered pages and fragments of this Runic Tome, perhaps some of which lay undetected at the various locations found this night.

With a congratulations and warm thanks to all gathered, Khelek the Magi retired to conduct his research. He also sent forth Tapio Greenleaf to be lead by the lords and ladies, to the various locations found. Tapio Greenleaf then reported back to Khelek the Magi his own impressions of the strange findings. It was agreed by them that they would call forth to their friends and allies soon and set out to once again undertake their perilous quest.