Lord Ulrich

Lord Ulrich ( a.k.a. the Warlock)


Ages ago Warlocks where common among the realms, chosen as a profession by many an adventurer, they where skilled in both the magical arcane arts and the use various martial weapons. Over the course of time, their numbers have dwindled as the popularity of this once proud profession has faded in the light of new ones. Though some few still adhere to the old ways and call themselves Warlocks in profession, none do so with more renown then that of Lord Ulrich of Magincia.

Born over one hundred and forty five years ago, to an elven mother and human father, Ulrich was raised in a privileged home within the peaceful confines of the city of Magincia; of which his father was a minor nobleman and council member. As a youth Ulrich was given instruction in the arcane arts by his mother who was a well regarded mage and taught martial skills by his father who was himself a warlock and mighty adventurer. Due to his mixed blood, Ulrich had an extended adolescence and as such saw his father age and retire from the life of an adventurer, focusing instead on a relaxed political career.

Yet alas, this serene life was not to last, as a massive horde of vile monsters invaded Magincia, laying waste to much of the city. Though well defended by the many mages and strong knights the city housed, their forces where overran and the city was held by the marauding monsters for several days. Ulrich was away on a mission for the city council, fighting bandits which plagued the High Forest road, yet rushed back to aid in the defense of the city when news of the raid reached his company. His eyes beheld the flames from the burning city as he approached; he was too late to offer any assistance to the now ruined city.

Fighting his way to the center of the smoldering town, he met and engaged in single combat with the demon lord known as Kigujen, slaying the huge creature and many say turning the tide of that night?s battle. Eventually the city and neighboring countryside was liberated from the clutches of the marauding hordes, yet the fair city of Magincia was destroyed.

Ulrich found his father?s broken body near to their home, amid many of the other slain defenders and guardsmen. His mother, Enya, was never found, some have said she was slain in a raging fire or that she was taken captive by the invaders, still others believe that she escaped yet was wounded and has lost her memory. None know for certain of her true disposition. Ulrich has never given up the search for his mother Enya, hunting far and wide for her, slaying countless demons and other foul monsters which crossed his path. Some have called him the ?Huntsman? for his continued pursuit of all evil monsters, yet it is with a saddened heart that he does so, hoping one day to find his lost mother.

His story and efforts to defend the realms, came to the attention of Queen Dawn, who sent word to Lord Ulrich to meet with her. She was greatly impressed with his skills in both magic and martial weapons and his dedication to protecting the realms from invasions. The Queen promoted Lord Ulrich to the rank of Captain within the Royal Guards unit, in recognition of his decades of service in defense of the realms. Lord Ulrich is currently assigned as the attach? to Lady Aoifa and second in command of the Wardens of the Realms unit.