The Corrupted Wald, Part I

The Corrupted Wald, Part I
Scheduled: April 29, 2010

“The winding paths often overgrown with weeds, that snake their way through the woods, lead the forester, hunter and traveling merchant alike on their merry way. Underfoot, they find comfort in the sense of other footfalls, gone before them in safety and found destinations. All about the rumors of danger linger, just beyond the sight of their eyes, often imagined and rarely encountered. The fall of a branch, leaves whispering in the wind and echoes of the unseen give pause as each traveler makes on with their journey, though the forests and vast glades. What is given as a sign of ill omens, seen by one, is disregarded by another, yet when travelers and foresters go missing, what can it be; random misfortune or something of dread consequence?”


 Event Recap

Summoned forth by Tapio Greenleaf to discover the cause of some recent malevolent events, the lords and ladies of the realms, lead onward by the wise ole Treefellow found within a wooded glen a dreadful sight! Several foul creatures, known as ?Corrupted Trees? accompanied by a host of ?Undead Vikings?, where rampaging though the forest, westward of the town known as Yew. Spying them as he approached, Tapio and his brave companions set upon the evil beings and a fierce battle ensued!

The forbidding Corrupted Trees towered over the battlefield as the armor-clad Undead Vikings savagely hurled themselves into the fray, welding great swords and axes with a grim and reckless fervor. The clash of fell blades echoed throughout the forest as the engagement raged on, fiery spells leaped forth to consume some of the Corrupted Trees, as their massive trunks gave way, crashing to the ground with a thunderous thud. Giving no sign of retreat, as the valiant lords and ladies of the realms smote their foes, as one by one the evil creatures fell before their determined onslaught!

Thus the weary companions standing proudly on a field of victory, did search the area and ghastly remains of their slain foes, for any clues or signs of their doings. Amid the aftermath of the battle, Tapio found an odd circle hewed into the ground with strange objects placed within its confines. Obscured beneath a fine layer of ash, he discovered a small red talisman, carved with runes and a pile of blackened bones. Each of the bones had been etched with similar runic symbols and driven into the ground, encircling the blood red talisman. ?I wonder what this could be?? He pondered, ?Perhaps some sort of arcane circle, I wonder..?.

Turning to his companions as he dwelt over the ?Corrupted Bones?, Tapio asked if any had found other items, which would seem odd or of significance. Speaking in an Orcish dialect, a lady emerged from the gathered host and spoke of a strange book, which she had found. Handing it to the tall Treefellow, she indicated that it was found amid the remains of a fallen skeleton.

Tapio scratched his bark-skinned chin as he examined the curious object. Softly remarking, ?I see, this is a strange ?Runic Tome?, a very ancient writing this is indeed. This will require more study, so that I can decipher these runes.? Standing tall as if to survey the nearby woods, Tapio gazed with a concerned look upon his face at his friends and allies. Holding the Runic Tome within his branch-like hand he remarked, ?If I am unable to decipher this Tome, we may need to seek the aid of a wiser sage, one perhaps that I know of from long ago. I will summon you forth, when I have deciphered this tome and know more of what we are facing.? With this said the kindly Treefellow bid his fellow companions a safe journey home and asked them to be on the watch for other strange occurrences. Then Tapio Greenleaf transformed into the likeness of a tall oak tree and vanished into the forest.