The Corrupted Wald V: Depths of the Void

The Corrupted Wald V: ?Depths of the Void? (Meet at the Skara Bare Community Center; June 19, 9pm ET) (This event has a Felucca encounter)

*A gate will transport all from the Community Center to Khelek?s abode.

*Note: Prior to the start of this event, for those who have deciphered the ?Runic Verse? as listed in the previous Corrupted Wald Event IV; the current event will start with that location being open to all who may know of its likely location. This encounter will last for 45 minutes and allow all who may know of its cryptic location to explore it fully. An announcement of such will be given in the server wide communication chat channel. Good luck to all.

Event Update:

Having found a strange runic verse within the lair of Fingul the lich, Khelek the Magi has poured over his tomes and ancient books of knowledge in hopes of deciphering the mysterious verses meaning. Finding it most difficult to decode, he has asked for the assistance of the wise lords and ladies of the realms of light. Should any unlock the cryptic meaning of the runic verse, they are free to reveal such to Khelek or keep the information to themselves and try to discover what it may reveal.

Beyond this, Khelek wishes to find the location of the abode of the former master of the Runic Magi, a legendary mage and scholar known as Vercilies the Wise. It is assumed by Khelek that hidden within his abode might well rest one or more of the Runic Tomes or perhaps clues to the actual hiding place of the Runic Amulet. Not even the highest ranking members of the Runic Magi?s sect knew of the location of Vercilies?s hidden abode, for he trusted few and allowed none to enter into his secret lair.

Khelek has found a potential way to open a portal to Vercilies?s inner sanctum; a fragmented rune, shattered and unusable by itself, it holds the key to the lost abode of Vercilies. Yet without its missing pieces the rune is worthless. Thus, the missing pieces of the rune must be located first and fused back together in order for it to function and open a portal to the lost location.

Therefore, Khelek has called on the lords and ladies of the realms to undertake a search for the missing fragments of the rune to Vercilies?s abode. It is assumed that the rune to his abode was split into the various fragments when Vercilies was himself slain, by the treachery of Mendax the Merciless. Khelek believes that of the two missing fragments of the rune, one remains within the former stronghold of the Runic Magi and the second is in the possession of the demon named Griva, sent by Mendax himself to slay Vercilies.

The lair of Griva is known to Khelek and can be accessed through a dark portal found within the former stronghold of the Runic Magi. Her lair lay in a dark chamber deep within the void between the realms and is reputed to be guarded by many malevolent demons and other evil spirits. It is unknown if she knows the value of the rune fragment, yet it is known that she takes great delight in enslaving and slaying those who trespass into her domain.

Thus, Khelek wishes for the lords and ladies of the realms to acquire the missing fragments of the shattered rune and return them; so that he may fuse them and open a portal to Vercilies?s lost abode. Once done, those willing may enter and search his lair for the missing Runic Tomes and any other clues in the quest to find the Runic Amulet.

Event Recap:

Having summoned forth the lords and ladies of the realms, Khelek the Magi greets them and asks if any have solved the puzzling Runic Verse found during their raid of the Lich Fingul?s lair. Some amid the realms had indeed found a means to decipher the Runic Verse and discovered that it lead to a secrete portal located within the dark town of Umbra. From that location, the wise few who unlocked the cryptic message found themselves transported to an ancient crypt in the remote deserts of the Lost Lands. Therein they found the Ghost of Fingul, still clinging to life and gathering about him dreadful minions once more. As the small group of adventurers approached the weathered iron doors of the crypt, Fingul emerged and with a haunting command ordered his guardians to attack the group.

A fierce battle ensued, seeing many wounded, as Fingul himself conjured his last remnants of dark magic to fight off the intruders to his hidden crypt. As his minions fell before the determined onslaught the once mighty mage, now only a shadowy reflection of his former self, found himself cornered by two mighty lords in a remote desert canyon. Using all of his remaining powers, Fingul was unable to defeat his foes and with a final blast of magic was slain, his body collapsing into a pile of skeletal remains. Searching through his hidden crypt the party found a strange verse written on an ancient book, the inscription not fully discernable; it is unknown as to its full meaning. Also found within the crypt were the ?Charred Remains? of some person, whose body this was is still a mystery. Amid the ghostly remains of Fingul Grimwarder where found his skeletal bones, ?A Lich?s Skeletal Remains? (Bone Arms, Bone Tunic, Bone Helmet, Bone Leggings, Bone Gloves) which were taken as trophies of the victory.

Thus, after a time the lords and ladies of the realms returned to the mysterious abode of Khelek the Magi. After warmly greeting his returning allies and friends, Khelek instructed them all as to his most recent discoveries in the quest to find the Runic Amulet. Among his revelations was the suspicion that perhaps an old Rune Fragment, which he had found, might grant entry into the lost lair of the slain former leader of the Runic Magi, Vercilies the Wise. Believing that within this hidden lair might rest one or more of the Runic Tomes, Khelek asked the gathered lords and ladies to undertake a dangerous mission to find the missing fragments of the old rune. The first place in which the party was to search was the former stronghold of the Runic Magi themselves; known to be the location wherein Mendax entrapped and slew the elder members of the Runic Magi?s sect; it was reputed to be the haunt of the slain magi themselves.

Secondly, it was supposed that one of the Rune fragments might be in the possession of a demonic creature known as the Dread Lady Griva; a former ally of Mendax, it was she who slew Vercilies the Wise. Thus, if both of the missing Rune fragments were not found within the stronghold of the Runic Magi, then the party would need to travel into the dark realms of Felucca, deep within the depths of the void and search the dreaded lair of Lady Griva.

So it was that the gathered party undertook the search of the former stronghold of the Runic Magi. Khelek opened a portal to the hidden lair and the gathering traveled forth into the dark unknown. Finding themselves within a dimly lit dungeon, filled with the haunting echoes of ages past, the party opened a secret door which lead to an inner conjuring room. Within the room was a large pentagram, etched into the floor and at its center a mysterious ?swirling void?. Perhaps some remaining experiment conducted long ago by the runic magi or a passage to another plane of existence, none knew for certain. As the party pondered what they beheld, haunting sounds where heard in a nearby chamber, the echoing voices of humans? No, it was in fact the lingering spirits of the slain Runic Magi!

Perhaps driven mad by their lingering state between the planes or still acting to guard their sacred stronghold and its secrets, the Ghosts of the Magi attacked the party with a fierce determination. Though powerful in their former lives, their ghostly powers where no match for the gathered lords and ladies of the realms; as one by one the party defeated and drove back the specters into the shadows of their lair.

The fighting lasted for many hours and once victorious, the party searched the area and the ghostly remains of several of the slain Magi. Finding amid their remains seven ?A Rune Etched Wand? and one small blue Rune Fragment. ?This must be the fragment Khelek asked us to search for? exclaimed the brave Taylor who had found it, ?we must return it to Khelek and hear his instructions?. Thus with the first Rune fragment found, the party returned to the abode of Khelek the Magi.

On their return, the party informed Khelek of the finding of the Rune fragment and their dread encounter with the Ghosts of the Magi. He was pleased to know that the fragment was found and that none amid the party was lost in the battle. After examining the Rune fragment, he confirmed that it was indeed that which they had sought and that it would now be needed to travel to the dread lair of Lady Griva to search for the remaining fragment. Khelek the Magi informed the gathered party of the dangers which may lie ahead of them, for it was known that the Dread Lady Griva was a mighty foe and that her lair was within the dark realms of Felucca.

Khelek instructed the party to return to the stronghold of the Runic Magi and utter the name ?Griva? in close proximity to the Swirling Void. This he said would open a portal to her grim lair, deep within the void itself. Thus, the party took heed of his instructions and bravely returned to the stronghold of the Runic Magi to seek the lair of the Dread Lady Griva and search for the Rune fragment.

Upon their return to the stronghold of the Runic Magi, the party found the Swirling Void and uttered the name of their intended foe. After several moments, a dark portal opened within the void and the party bravely rushed forth. Arriving at the portals destination, the party found themselves within a vast cavernous dungeon, filled with the echoes of monstrous cries. Undaunted the brave lords and ladies began to search the area for any clues and where almost immediately set upon by a host of Red Demons, Succubi and large floating Evil Eyes!

Initially the dreaded guardians of Griva?s lair, took the party by surprise, their numbers great and powers mighty they wounded many of the brave adventurers. Holding fast, the party realized that these monstrous guardians would not be easily defeated and a determined and prolonged battle ensued.

The fighting continued long into the night, as the party confronted more of their dreaded foes; yet none had yet seen any sign of the Dread Lady Griva nor found the Rune fragment. Finding themselves out numbered and often on the brink of defeat, the brave party fought on, searching as they strove onwards. Some found amid the remains of the Evil Eyes large blood read shields, set with an eye at their center; later they would remark that six of these relics where found, calling them ?A Shield with an Evil Eye on it?.

Using their combined skills in various schools of arcane magic, the party eventually began to get the upper hand on their evil foes, cornering several of them in a dark cave and slaying them. Amid the remains of some of the Succubi where found ?A Deadly Kryss? relics, numbering in the amount of 5 where found.

The fighting had lead the party down one corridor and into another, eventually leading to a large cavern, which has a dark lake at its center. Far across the lake could be seen a tall altar stone standing atop an island at its center. Searching for a passage across to the island, the party eventually discovered a mysterious portal on the far shore of the cavern. Daring to enter it, not knowing of its destination, a few brave members of the party leapt into it. Finding themselves teleported to the island itself, they where aghast to find the Dread Lady Griva standing before them surrounded by two of her demonic Handmaidens and a large blood red Evil Eye. Seeing their companions being confronted by a large winged figure, the remaining party members entered into the portal to assist their fellow adventurers.

Thus with a shrill voice, the Dread Lady Griva commanded her guardians to slay the intruders to her lair and a grim battle ensued. Using her might and arcane powers, assisted by her minions, Griva was nearly able to drive the party back on several occasions. Yet after a prolonged battle, her minions slain, the Dread Lady Griva was defeated and apparently slain. Searching her island altar, the party found amid her remains and that of her minions, ?The Kryss of Dread Lady Griva? and the sought after Rune Fragment which was found by the mighty Eyiafjallajokos.

The party quickly departed the grim lair of the demonic lady and returned to speak with Khelek the Magi, informing him of their findings. Greatly pleased to see the return of his friends and allies, he took up the final Rune fragment and with a magical incantation, fused the three fragments together. ?Now, this should grant us entry into the hidden abode of Vercilies the Wise? Khelek exclaimed, ?Though I know not what may reside therein, I would ask ye all to go forth and search this runes location. Search well and look for any clues or Runic Tomes that may be hidden within.? With that, Khelek used the fused rune to open a portal, into which the party entered on his command.

Emerging into a large dungeon, filled with shimmering lights and rune carved floors, the party stood amazed at that which they beheld. The runes carved into the stone floor and walls glowed with a soft blue light which softly filled the chamber. Two halls lead forth into two smaller chambers to the South of the main room; one with a shimmering light and glowing runes on the floor, the other filled with several large locked chests. As the party entered the second chamber, a voice echoed out from the main room, ?Who enters into my presence?!?. Scared by this ghostly voice, the party rushed back into the large chamber, to see who it was that spoke the words.

Hovering within a mist was a spectral form, that of a man dressed in a blue robe, the ghostly visage of Vercilies himself. His spirit spoke again, ?Who dares to disturb my lair?? he grimly uttered. ?We are here on the request of Khelek the Magi? softly said one of the adventurers, ?We come in search of the Runic Tomes, or clues to their resting places.?. ?No!? cried the ghost of Vercilies, ?This you must not seek, for they are not for outsiders to possess!? he yelled in a booming voice. ?It matters not that my friend Khelek has sent ye, you must depart and not return here in, nor seek the Runic Tomes!? demanded the ghost of Vercilies.

Unsure what do say or do, one amid the party said to the ghostly figure of Vercilies, ?Yet we must find the Runic Tomes, before Mendax does so! It would be a great threat to the realms if he or another villain where to find the Runic Amulet!?. Standing motionless, the ghost said nothing, ?Will you not help us in our quest Vercilies?? asked the party. ?Nay! I shall not! Though I am not as powerful as I once was in life, I will drive ye from my abode by force if you refuse to depart now!? cried the ghost of Vercilies. ?Then so be it, we do this only for the good of the realms, be gone with ye old specter!? yelled a brave warrior amid the party and with that the party members attacked the ghostly figure.

Vercilies the Wise was known in life to be a mighty wizard, yet in his diminished state as a specter, he was no match for the combined might of the lords and ladies of the realms. After a brief struggle, the former master of the Runic Magi fell before the party; his spirit vanishing into a misty burst of blue energy. Standing over his remains, Freya stepped forth from the party and brushed aside the dust that remained of Vercilies ghostly remains, finding a blue tome with glowing runes etched atop its cover.

Quickly the party returned to inform Khelek the Magi of their findings and present the strange tome to him. As Freya presented the tome to Khelek, his eyes grew large as he beheld the ancient Runic Tome. ?Oh you have it?? he gasped, ?Yes indeed, this is Vercilies Runic Tome itself, the first of its kind. This may contain many secrets of the Runic Magi, perhaps even the locations of the other missing Runic Tomes themselves. This is a great discovery, I thank you all for your dedication and bravery this day! Now if you will all excuse me, I shall go forth and study this tome, to find what clues and information it might contain. Be well my friends and allies, I shall call for ye all once I know more of this grand discovery.? With that Khelek the Magi vanished into thin air.