October Events Schedule

Here is the planned schedule for the events in October. The events on the 25th and 29th will be named soon. If dates and/or times change, they will be posted here.

October 20th at 7PM PDT Governors Meeting
October 22nd at 7PM PDT Royal Guard Meeting
October 29th at 7PM PDT A Cure In Need Event
October 31st at 11:59PM PDT Fishing Contest Deadline

Update:The event originally Scheduled for the 25 has been merged with the event on the 29th. after reviewing the event planned, I felt it lacked enough content and fun factor. I’ve merged some of the content from the event with the event scheduled for the 29th. Skara will continue to see an increase in Zombified citizens leading up to the event on the 29th. Also, I noticed an error with the deadline for the fishing contest. The contest will end at 11:59PM PST.