The Royal Guard

We will be starting back up the Royal Guard once again! Meetings will take place once a month. These meetings will be held strictly in Role play and will include Promotions, and current in game events.


  • If you are on the Royal Guard and attending an event, you must trade a book with the name of the Royal Guard character to get credit for attendance.
  • You will be permitted to use an alt during events.
  • Player must be there from begging to end to gain full Credit.

Ranks and Promotions:

Elder Knight – Event Points: 256 Events
ArchKnight – Event Points: 128 Events
Knight – Event Points: 64
Squire – Event Points: 32
Garrison – Event Points: 16
Watchman – Event Points:8
Scout – Event Points: 4
Recruit – Event Points: 2

Things to know(Subject to change):

  • Extra Event Points may be earned during events
    • Wearing Royal Guard approved uniform during events on your royal  guard character
    • performing above and beyond tasks
  • You will never be allowed to earn enough points to skip ranks.
  • points reset once you obtain a new rank.
  • Each Rank will have a difference in uniform.
  • Promotions will be held during Royal Guard meetings.