Lord Shadow Walker Wins the April Fishing Challenge with a 185 Stone Autumn Dragonfish!

Lord Shadow Walker has won the April Fishing Challenge! Shadow’s Autumn Dragonfish, caught on 4/20 and weighing in at 185 stones beat out the other eight entries. Congratulations to our winner. Shadow’s plaque will be displayed in the reward hall shortly!

Lord Shadow Walker, you know the drill. Here is a link to available rare fish choices. Please choose your reward fish for May by the 5th and either email me (emChimaera@gmail.com), contact me in game, or post your response to a generally read forum. Also, I have this month’s fish and your Kingfish safely in my bank. Bug me when you’re on and I’ll give them back to you (that goes for any other contestant that would like your fish back).

Thanks to all that participated!  Honorable mentions:

  • Bellindora – 171 stones
  • SWEAVER GAL – 161 stones
  • Calypso – 131 stones
  • Hydraken – 116 stones
  • A Nice Guy – 110 stones