April EM Event Schedule

Hello friends,

It’s already April and March went by all too quickly!

I had a fun March, though because I planned a two-day back-to-back finale, there were a couple weeks where I didn’t see you guys, at all. Though, we did have a couple impromptu mini-events beforehand. I’ll plan to do those more often in the future. They will not be scheduled or planned, but rather RP (maybe with some minor combat) when I have some free time during the evenings.

We have a great lineup for April: The first two parts of an arc to resurrect Commander Chimaera — including an event where you’ll need to hire your best thief, and the Royal Britannian Guard ranking ceremony at the end of the month. I’ve totaled everyone’s marks for the first three months of the year, and 43 players have qualified for ranking! I’ll post more details regarding the ceremony once we get a bit closer to the date.

Also, a mailbox has been placed at the Hall of Commons. Please donate any decorations you’d like seen placed around Yew. With the help of the citizens and guidance from the town governors, we will be revitalizing our towns throughout the year. If you have specific suggestions on what you’d like seen in any town (e.g., a vineyard, hedge maze, park) email me, and I will try to get those items specifically.

Here’s your April event lineup!

  • Sunday 4/9 @ 7pm PST – Governors Meeting
  • Wednesday 4/12 @ 7pm PST – The Philosopher’s Stone Part I (Stealing Event)
  • Wednesday 4/19 @ 7pm PST – The Philosopher’s Stone Part II
  • Wednesday 4/26 @ 7pm PST – RBG Ranking Ceremony
  • Sunday 4/30 @ midnight PST – Fishing Challenge Contest Deadline
  • TBD: Town Hall & Dungeon Crawl