Scavenger Hunt, Reward Hall Grand Re-Opening, and Special Event!

Hello friends,

Three updates for February, that I hope you’ll be excited about!

First off, the EM Reward Hall has been redesigned and is reopened! Go check it out. The new design allows room for expansion and has a generally more cohesive layout (fewer things scattered around the floor). The book shelves have books in them from past events for your reading pleasure, and there is plenty of wall space for new reward plaques.

To celebrate the reopening of the reward hall, I’ll be hosting a scavenger hunt with five winners! Each winner will receive a special plaque in the reward hall to commemorate the redesign of the hall. All those that wish to participate please meet at the Reward Hall on Friday, 2/17 @ 7pm PST.

Also, on Thursday, 2/23 @ 7pm, I have a special EM event for you. I can’t give any more info at this time, but mark your calendars. *evil grin*

February has become quite a full month, so here’s your updated calendar of events:

  • 2/12: Sunday @ 7pm PST: Governors Meeting
  • 2/15: Wednesday @ 7pm PST: EM Event: Distilled Spirits
  • 2/17: Friday @ 7pm PST: Scavenger Hunt & Reward Hall Grand Reopening Party
  • 2/22: Wednesday @ 7pm PST: EM Event: Alchemical Energy Part IV: The Guardians
  • 2/23: Special Event @ 7pm PST *Date and time subject to change*
  • 2/28: Tuesday @ 6pm PST: Town Hall
  • 2/28: Tuesday @ 7pm PST: Paragon Dungeon Crawl
  • 2/28: Tuesday @ Midnight PST: Fishing Challenge Deadline

Happy travels!