February’s Event Schedule

Hello friends,

Apologies for the late update. It’s already the 3rd, and I don’t want anyone to miss out on the fun in store for February!

We did quite a bit in January: two dungeon crawls… one gruesome one, and another that was a bit more gentle. We discovered the town of darkness, which brings us mid-point in the alchemy arc. And we kicked off the reinstatement of the RBG with day 1 of training.

For February, we will again pay a visit to the darkness, bringing us one step closer to closing the alchemical rift between dimensions for good. Also, a whiskey distillery has opened on the north island of Jhelom! The carpenter-turned-distiller found a market of thirsty warriors for his tasty spirits. Drinks on the house on the 15th of the month!

Here’s your February event lineup:

  • 2/12: Sunday @ 7pm PST: Governors Meeting
  • 2/15: Wednesday @ 7pm PST: EM Event: Distilled Spirits
  • 2/22: Wednesday @ 7pm PST: EM Event: Alchemical Energy Part IV: The Guardians
  • 2/28: Tuesday @ 6pm PST: Town Hall
  • 2/28: Tuesday @ 7pm PST: Paragon Dungeon Crawl
  • 2/28: Tuesday @ Midnight PST: Fishing Challenge Deadline
  • TBD: Reward Hall Grand Re-Opening

A few announcements: I have yet to redo the reward hall, and I’m falling into the same bad habit as past EMs and just tossing event nostalgia on the floor. I wanted to roll out the dark town for you guys and didn’t have time to complete both that and the reward hall. I’ll plan on redoing it this month and will announce a grand re-opening event, once completed. I’ll set the house to private while I redo the inside, but expect a hall that’s a bit more organized.

Event Attendace Books: I will post when attendance books are ready. I realized it’s easier for me to do all books for the month at once at the end of the month. They will be out front of the Hall of Commons when ready.

Royal Britannian Guard: I’ve modified the marks awarded to accommodate those that can’t be at every combat event. Dungeon crawls, other “mini” events, and the governors meeting will all count as 5 points – same as combat EM events. I’ll be updating that post (and making it a sticky in the nav bar).

As always, feel free to email me at emChimaera@gmail.com with any questions/comments!