The Royal Britannian Guard FAQ

The Royal Britannian Guard 

Thank you for your interest in joining the Royal Britannian Guard (RBG). The King thanks you for your service. To join the RBG, one only needs to actively participate in Sonoma events. For each event that one actively participates in, he or she will receive RBG marks. Once a member of the RBG receives enough marks, he or she will be granted a notable rank in the RBG.


  1. Recruit – Entry level position where citizens learn the basics – 10 marks
  2. Scout – Scouts are sent ahead in battle to report on potential threats – 15 marks
  3. Watchman – Watchman act as lookouts in the towns of Britannia – 20 marks
  4. Garrison – Garrisons are the first line of defense in protecting our towns – 25 marks
  5. Squire –  a Knight’s Squire on the path to Knighthood – 35 marks
  6. Knight – A formidable warrior and main offensive force in the RBG – 50 marks
  7. ArchKnight – A Knight that has proved to be exemplary in combat – 75 marks
  8. Elder Knight – Elders council and train young Knights and Squires – 100 marks
  9. Knight Crusader – Crusaders lead the charge into battle – 125 marks
  10. Knight Cavalier – Cavaliers are known for their battlefield strategy – 150 marks
  11. Noble Guard – Nobles entrusted to protect the capital at all costs – 175 marks
  12. Royal Guard – Royals protect through policy as well as strategy – 200 marks
  13. Elder Guard – Elders act as strategic leaders for the guard – 225 marks
  14. King’s Royal Guard – Warriors and policy leaders of the highest order – 250 marks
  15. Distinct – A distinct rank and title based on one’s primary qualities – 300 marks

RBG Marks:

To gain RBG marks, one must actively participate in battles (EM combat events), contests (Scavenger hunts, Archery tournaments, etc.), Governors Meetings, and Dungeon Crawls. The maximum number of marks one can receive per month is 15.

  • Battles (EM Combat events): 5 marks
  • Contests (mini events and RP events): 5 marks
  • Governors Meetings: 5 marks
  • Dungeon Crawls: 5 marks

Town halls and player events do not qualify for RBG marks.


What exactly is the RBG? The Royal Britannian Guard is a military style system designed to add a level of emerson, role play, and achievement to EM events on Sonoma.

Is there a maximum number of marks I can gain per month? Yes. There is a hard cap of fifteen RBG marks per month per person, and marks can not be traded.

When will I get my marks? The RBG marks are similar to points. They are intangible and you will not receive them, in game. You can email or chat with the EM to discuss how many RBG marks you have at any time.

How will I be recognized at an event if I’m on a different character? If an alternate character is at an event, the character must state the name of their primary character to gain marks for that character. For example, if I’m on a character named Blackthorn but my main character is Chimaera, I must let the EM know that at the time of the event by simply saying “Chimaera” at the beginning or end of the event, so it is recorded in the EM’s journal.

How am I recognized as active? Simply attending the events and staying hidden until the end does not qualify as active. If the EM can’t see you, he can’t give you credit for being there. The EM will take several screenshots throughout the event using “all names” and at the end of the event compare that with his recorded journal. Active players are those that have been seen throughout the event – not just at the beginning and at the end.

I feel that I have not received my fair number of RBG marks. If you feel the number of marks is less than what is reflected, please discuss this with the EM, and he will review your participation.

When do we receive our ranks? There will be three RBG ranking ceremonies per year: At the beginning of January, May, and September.

Can I keep my current rank? Yes. You can keep your current rank as long as you like. You will continue to receive RBG marks and can change your rank to a higher rank at any ranking ceremony.

Please reach out to with any further questions. This page will continue to be modified and all info is subject to change.