January Event Schedule

Hello friends,

2016 has come and gone, and I really enjoyed producing festive events in December for the brave citizens of Sonoma. We overcame alchemical radiation (though devastating) and further discovered the secrets behind the alchemical rift. Reindeer took us on a scavenger hunt through Britannia where we eventually had to defeat some very angry – and aggressive – elves. And our towns were filled with festive decorations to celebrate the holidays with delight.

For January, we have a great event lineup! We are starting off the new year to help a lonely inquisitor complete his resolution. For the alchemy arc, we will be battling the last of the aftermath of the evil alchemist’s experiment: antimatter. This event should give us a glimpse into what comes next (sneak peek below). The monthly fishing challenge will be underway as soon as January’s fish is chosen. And, the dungeon crawl will be a greater challenge than the last one, so be prepared. *evil grin*

A couple announcements: I will be redoing the reward hall this month. The design will remain the same, but the interior layout will be modified to better showcase Sonoma’s accomplishments over the years. In addition, the EM Hall in Britain SHOULD finally get some furniture, but I’d like to wait until the January meet & greet to discuss.

The monthly fishing challenge fish was selected by Lord Shadow Walker. January’s fish to catch is the Holy Mackerel. Congratulations again to our two-time winner. The plaque will be in the reward hall under November’s.

And lastly, the Royal Britannian Guard will be reinstated on Wednesday, 1/4! Additional info regarding rankings and how the system will work to follow. Commander Chimaera will be available for questions regarding the RBG following the 7pm PST event.

Here’s your monthly event lineup:

  • 1/4: Wednesday @ 7pm PST: EM Event – The Inquisitor’s New Year’s Resolution
  • 1/4: Wednesday @ 8pm PST: Royal Britannian Guard Q&A
  • 1/8: Sunday @ 7pm PST: Governors Meeting
  • 1/12: Thursday @ 7pm PST: RP Event: RBG Meeting
  • 1/19: Thursday @ 6pm PST: Sonoma Town Hall Meeting
  • 1/19: Thursday @ 7pm PST: Paragon Dungeon Crawl
  • 1/26: Thursday @ 7pm PST: EM Event – Alchemical Energy Episode III: Antimatter
  • 1/31: Tuesday @ Midnight PST: Fishing Challenge Deadline

As always, feel free to email me at emChimaera@gmail.com with any questions/comments!

What’s to come?

As King Blackthorn awoke from his nightmare, he wiped the sweat from his flush forehead and sat up in bed. The room was cold… his chambermaid allowed the fire to go out during the night. Though irritated, the dream was more pressing than scolding a foolish servant. He pulled his blanket around his shoulders.

The memories of his dream were already fleeing from his mind in a desperate attempt to force him to forget. “What was that place?” he said aloud. “I was speaking to someone… or something…” he spoke in vain trying to remember. In an instant, a flash of his memory came back to him, then was gone. But it was all he needed to remember. “What have the alchemists done?”, Blackthorn said without taking a breath. After the defeat of Eric and Tomas, he was sure the resolution would be to destroy the energy created from the alchemical rift.

In a brief moment of insight and fear, Blackthorn jumped from his bed, swung the old oak door to the hall open and motioned to his chamber guard. “Send a message to Chimaera,” he commanded with authority, “We must reinstate the Royal Guard immediately!” The guard nodded and rushed off without uttering a word. As Blackthorn returned to his room, the fireplace lit up with a snap of his fingers. As he returned to bed, Blackthorn sighed, realizing that this isn’t the end, but only just the beginning.