Fishing Challenge Winner, Lord Shadow Walker, Undefeated in December!

Lord Shadow Walker has won the monthly fishing challenge for two months in a row! His Giant Koi weighing in at 195 stones beat out the competition by 23 stones! Congratulations to our winner. Your Giant Koi colored plaque will be displayed in the reward hall for all to see!

Lord Shadow Walker, again, earns the privilege of choosing January’s fish! Please email me, drop a book in the reward hall mailbox, or ping me when I’m in-game by January 5th to let me know your choice for this month.  Here is a link to available rare fish choices.

Thanks to all that participated!  Honorable mentions:

  • Asherah – 172 stones (caught on the final day!)
  • Hydraken – 138 stones
  • Percie D’Ni – 137 stones
  • Tamasso D’Napoli – 103 stones