A guard with sad news

Repeat yourself Private! Demanded Robert Morrigan as he reread Moira’s letter.

The Private fretted. He had been assigned to watch over Moira. She was wanted for a crime against the realm but he had known that his job was to protect her as much as to watch her.

I will do my best to recite it as I heard it Sir!

Mary :Hello Moira. Why are you here? I told you to stay away.

Moira:I have come to make things right.

Mary: Oh poor little Moira. Always forgiving.
Things are right with us.
I am not going to take time to turn you

Moira:That is not  what I mean Mary.

Then I  heard the sound of a knife being unsheathed.

Moira: I should not have taken that key and now I
am going to return it to the museum.

I will not let you do that!

Moira :You have no choice I have a knife

I Started to worry when I heard the sounds of Struggle.Moira made me promise to return to you if things went wrong.
Mary:And I have big teeth Sister. Remember how we used to think we were the same person in two bodies? I can make us one. The way it was suppose to be.

I have been ill at the sight I saw Sir. I am a disgraced guard. But I have kept my promise and delivered the message.

WE must be prepared. Moira said the Rift would form on their Birthday. December 5th at 6PT. Get the Guard to meet in Brit Castle then. We ride to war.

A tear ran down Bob’s cheek as he said, “Dismissed Private”

Please Meet at Brit Castle Sunday Dec 5th @ 6PT,7MT 8CT and 9ET to fight for our salvation!