A confrontation is made

Mary stared at the runic etchings on the key. This was not exactly as she needed. She needed a rift in the time matter fragment to allow the ethereal to penetrate. Her Queen could transcend the barriers of matter and manifest in the Sonoma time continuum. The Quantum concepts were beyond her understanding but she did understand that she had to do this.
As Mary chanted, one rune or another would glow. She smiles as she realized that the key to the key was the order of the runic chant. Relief washed over her. She was going to succeed. It was now only a matter of time before all of Sonoma changed forever. Some people would bow down to her Queen. She would have a retinue of slaves eager to please. Slaves to tend the people who were livestock, the living raised for food.

Moira and her guard were near to Mary. “Stay here, or you may upset Mary.”

The guard stayed back behind a large stone. He watched as the two Identical women began to talk.  Two sisters. Nothing seemed that unusual.

The thought of food made her salivate. As soon as these runes came to life in the right order she would go out to hunt.

She was very engrossed in her task when she heard footsteps behind her. They were still a long distance away. One of the  “benefits” of her new state of being was she could hear much better. This was a big plus since her tolerance to light had diminished greatly. Who could that be? Mary
Hello Moira. Why are you here? I told you to stay away.