Meet : Hall Of Commons

Event: Hall Of Commons
Date/Time: Friday August 27th 8:00pm PST
Place: Hall Of Commons, Britain (24.52’S 0.54’E)


This Friday we are planning to hold our first shard wide meeting the Hall Of Commons.

The meeting will be at a new structure going up near Britain at 24.52’S 0.54’E.

A gate will be available from inside Luna bank, near the event announcer.

We will have the meeting every two weeks on the same day and time. Everyone is invited to attend.

The floor will be open to announcements and discussions on all topics related to the Sonoma community. So if there is something you want to talk about, or an event you wish to announce feel free to bring it up during the meeting.

The Hall Of Commons will also be used to start community wide projects such as Festivals or other community driven events.

I heartily encourage everyone to come along and join the discussion on the floor. It’s also a great chance to meet some of the people, guilds, and towns we have on this great shard.

– EM Tailspin

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