Event : X-Shard Treasure Race

X-Shard Treasure Race
Date/Time : Saturday, August 21st, 6:00pm PST
Place : Test Center 1, Nujel’m Chessboard.


This Saturday we shall square off with Chesapeake in the first ever cross-shard Treasure Race.

Last weekend’s local match revealed the two fastest treasure hunting teams on Sonoma:

The Blue Bears & The Red Ravens!

For a full report of last week’s event please check out Queen Mum’s post here: Linky

And now it is time to send off these two great teams to meet the best Chesapeake has to offer in a grand match to be held on Test Center 1.

We will be playing for the right to host a magnificent trophy in our homeland so that all may know of our greatness. Along with the trophy we will become the reining champions for the event. As such we will have to defend our title, and trophy, each month when another shard steps forward to challenge us.

Spectators are welcome so come on out and support the home team!

I would like to request that you be polite to the enem.. the challengers if you come out to watch. Be sure to offer them hugs and cookies when they lose.

See you all there, and good luck to our incredible treasure hunters!

– EM Tailspin

2 thoughts on “Event : X-Shard Treasure Race

  1. HEHE…best part: Be sure to offer them hugs and cookies when they lose.

    You have great confidence in us EM! And lose they will! Go BlueBears and RedRavens (although I’m biased to the BlueBears here, I just want a Sonoma win!

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