Meet : Felucca Event Discussion

Topic : Future Event In Felucca
Date/Time : Friday, August 20th, 8:00PM PST
Place : EM Hall, Britain, Felucca


This Friday I’d like to hold a discussion meeting with all players interested in events to be held in Felucca. We’ll be talking about all kinds of events possible such as PvP, PvPvM, RP-PvP, competitions, teams, solo, etc, etc…

I’d like to get fresh ideas from you all, as well as run some ideas by you. The finally goal is to create events that are fun for the Sonoma crowd specifically. I’ve always found it’s better to talk to the players and get some idea of their interests before designing anything. 

So please come out and join the discussion. It will surely be for the better.

– EM Tailspin

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