Decorate Brittain Counselor Hall Contest Results!

Greetings all!

The results of the contest are in! During the month of February we had 2 entries for the deco contest. The Entries were submitted by Drakelord and Kara. I want to thank them both for submitting some really nice Deco for the Brit Counselor Hall! I would also like to thank the following EMs for participating in the voting process: EM Obsidian, EM Falcon, EM Roenick, EM Lyrra, and EM Erebus. And the winner of the contest is……. *Drum Roll* Kara!!!! Congratulations!!! I will reach out to Kara during the week to coordinate regarding the deco! Aside from getting your deco placed in the Brit Counselor Hall, you will also have a plaque Displayed in the counselor Hall!

Here are the pictures that were submitted for the contest: