February Event Schedule

Hello all!

Here is the schedule of events for February:

February 16th @ 7PM PST: Governors Meeting
February 23rd @ 7PM PST: Trinsic Jones and the desolation of Dydra
February 25th @ 7PM PST: Fishing Net Toss Event
February 28th @ 11:59PM PST: Final turn in for Deco Contest

Update: I have update the event on the 23rd to reflect the name of the event.

Decorate Brittain Counselor Hall Contest

Hello all!

As promised, the contest for decorating the counselor hall in brit, will begin as off today.

Rules(subject to change):

1)Decorations must not include unique/rare items unless you are willing to donate the items.
2)Theme of the the Counselor Hall can be anything as long as it is family friendly.
3)You can use the counselor hall or a house to represent what the counselor hall should look like.
4) Submissions will be sent in the form of a JPG Screenshot.
5) Submissions must be in by February 28th 11:59pm PDT

Submissions will go thru a voting proccess done by myself and other EM’s.
The voting proccess will last 1 week.

The winner will have a plaque placed in the counselor Hall as well as have their decoration implemented.

Submissions will go to xanthus@uoem.net

Good luck and have fun!

Edit: Rule#1: If you are willing to donate the unique/rare item, then we will allow it.