September Events Schedule

Hello all! I apologize for not getting this schedule out to you earlier. I will update the schedule to show more info on the Event that is TBA by Sunday.

Date: Friday Sept 22nd at 7PM PDT — Governors Meeting

Wednesday Sept 27th at 7PM PDT — Royal Guard Meeting

Saturday Sept 30th at 12AM PDT — Fishing Contest Deadline

Sunday Oct 4th at 7PM PDT — Chef O’Goks Special Brew

Update: The event on the 29th now has a title! What does Chef O’gok have in store for us?

Old Update: Royal Guard Meeting Postponed till Sept 27th at 7PM PDT

New Update:  Chef O’Goks Special Brew Postponed for October 4th at 7pm PDT. I have been feeling under the weather for the past couple days and have decided to move the event to Wednesday. I apologize for the additional delay.


September fishing Challenge

The fish chosen for this months challenge, is the Generic Big Fish. Thanks go to Karn and Sweaver Gal, our last months winners, for choosing this months Fish! As usual, submit your entries over at the mailbox at the EM Hall. The winners will be announced by the end of the month! The entry with the heaviest fish will be crowned the winner. Entries must be submitted no later than the 30th of the month and will have until the 5th of October to submit their choice for next months fish!

NOTE: To give a bit of flexibility, please choose a fish that is of rare quality. No legendary or dungeon fish will be accepted for future contests. The winner may submit their choice via email:

August Fishing Challenge Winner… Karn and Sweaver Gal!

Please join me in congratulating both Karn and SWEAVER GAL as our Fishing Challenge Winners for the month of August! The prize fish was caught on the 15th and 19th of August and weighed 193 stones. Their plaque will be displayed in the reward hall.

As the winners,Karn and SWEAVER GAL get to choose the fish for September!  Please choose your reward fish by the 5th of September and either email me ( or contact me in game. Being that we have 2 winners this month, please be in agreement on what fish to select for next month and both submit your choice. I will try and reach out to both of you before just in case!

I would also like to thank Hydraken and Lord Shadow Walker for their submissions! Hydraken’s fish weighed at 140 stones and was caught on the 17th of August, while Lord Shadow Walker’s weighed at 188 and caught on the 6th of August.

Thanks to all who participated in this months Fishing Challenge.